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10:03 AM Ruby master Revision 452bee3e (git): Revert nil error and adding deprecation message
kachick (Kenichi Kamiya)
10:03 AM Ruby master Revision 31110d82 (git): Improve warning message kachick (Kenichi Kamiya)


07:20 PM Ruby master Feature #13083: Regexp#{match,match?} with a nil argument are deprecated and will raise a TypeError in Ruby 3.0
How about kachick (Kenichi Kamiya)


08:44 AM Ruby master Revision 2a22a6b2 (git): Regexp#match{?} with nil raises TypeError as String, Symbol (#1506)
* {String|Symbol}#match{?} with nil returns falsy
To improve consistency with Regexp#match{?}
* String#match(nil) r...
kachick (Kenichi Kamiya)


08:29 AM Ruby master Revision 9118cb24 (git): Fix typos
kachick (Kenichi Kamiya)


09:43 AM Ruby master Revision 8882986d (git): Drop duplicated sample code (#2389) [ci skip]
* Drop duplicated sample code
* Drop another style sample
kachick (Kenichi Kamiya)
09:16 AM Ruby master Revision 9b330200 (git): Remove unused variable to suppress warning (#2388) [ci skip]
sample/observ.rb:30: warning: assigned but unused variable - clock
kachick (Kenichi Kamiya)
09:00 AM Ruby master Revision cda86644 (git): Update a sample code (#2387)
Kernel#inspect does not call #to_s now
To follow
kachick (Kenichi Kamiya)
08:30 AM Ruby master Revision 605d2ce9 (git): Accurate a sample to show having some ext (#2385)
kachick (Kenichi Kamiya)


02:19 PM Ruby master Feature #11554: Privatize {Single}Forwardable API
Thanks to check this issue, so I think we don't need this change now. Please close this thicket. kachick (Kenichi Kamiya)

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