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02:27 PM Ruby master Revision 9d4483f2 (git): [ruby/net-http] [DOC] Fix call-seq for Net::HTTP.start
The lack of a newline between the call-seq and the documentation was
causing the documentation to be parsed as a call...
peterzhu2118 (Peter Zhu)


08:23 PM Ruby master Revision d90835ae (git): Fix crash when RGENGC_CHECK_MODE=2
Commit dba61f4 fixes a crash when GC'ing a iseq that failed to compile.
However, if we turn on RGENGC_CHECK_MODE then...
peterzhu2118 (Peter Zhu)


09:06 PM Ruby master Revision de9e2a5a (git): [ruby/net-http] Fix test for Ruby head
The error raised for broken coderanges was changed in ruby/ruby@571d21f
and the test was fixed in that commit but not...
peterzhu2118 (Peter Zhu)


09:49 PM Ruby master Revision 003f8ea8 (git): Remove dead code in rb_obj_copy_ivar
The removed code is a duplicate of the code above. peterzhu2118 (Peter Zhu)


04:26 PM Ruby master Revision 5f95228c (git): Add RVALUE_OVERHEAD and move ractor_belonging_id
This commit adds RVALUE_OVERHEAD for storing metadata at the end of the
slot. This commit moves the ractor_belonging_...
peterzhu2118 (Peter Zhu)
04:26 PM Ruby master Revision 09423876 (git): Let SHAPE_BITS take 32 bits on debug builds
The ractor_belonging_id has been moved out of the headers, so object
shapes can take the top 32 bits of the flags on ...
peterzhu2118 (Peter Zhu)
03:22 PM Ruby master Revision 1f0888ab (git): Speed up shape transitions
This commit significantly speeds up shape transitions as it changes
get_next_shape_internal to not perform a lookup (...
peterzhu2118 (Peter Zhu)
02:58 PM Ruby master Revision 648927d7 (git): Refactor obj_ivar_set and vm_setivar
obj_ivar_set and vm_setivar_slowpath is essentially doing the same thing,
but the code is duplicated and not quite im...
peterzhu2118 (Peter Zhu)


07:43 PM Ruby master Revision 4b29eb17 (git): Fix indentation of switch statement in shape.c
peterzhu2118 (Peter Zhu)


01:53 PM Ruby master Revision 5dcbe588 (git): Fix buffer overrun in ivars when rebuilding shapes
In rb_shape_rebuild_shape, we need to increase the capacity when
capacity == next_iv_index since the next ivar will b...
peterzhu2118 (Peter Zhu)

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