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11:23 AM Ruby master Bug #9806: URI#encode doesn't encode characters '[' and ']'. They should be encoded as %5B and %5D respectively.
It looks like URI.encode/escape was deprecated in favor of either CGI.escape or URI.encode_www_form_component per htt... johnnymugs (Jonathan Mukai)


10:34 AM Ruby master Bug #8207 (Closed): Array#delete_if docs can be confusing to beginners
The Array#delete_if method docs can be a little confusing to beginners (variable names are not descriptive, a compari... johnnymugs (Jonathan Mukai)


11:44 AM Ruby master Bug #5216 (Closed): added some clarification to method
Wasn't sure if the call-seq section needed to be updated. Doc was referencing first through fourth forms, but then bu... johnnymugs (Jonathan Mukai)
11:14 AM Ruby master Bug #5215 (Closed): added some clarification to Array[] method
Inspired by several Klabnik posts, I thought I'd try this out. Is this the kind of clean up/clarification you're look... johnnymugs (Jonathan Mukai)

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