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09:49 PM Ruby master Feature #10344: [PATCH] Implement Fiber#raise
NEWS is updated. ioquatix (Samuel Williams)


11:06 PM Ruby master Bug #16026 (Rejected): `Set#count` performance issues
Given the discussion, I'm okay if we just reject this feature. @knu it's up to you if you want to implement it or not... ioquatix (Samuel Williams)


12:10 AM Ruby master Bug #9115: Logger traps all exceptions; breaks Timeout
> It makes sense for Logger to handle all exceptions by default
I'm not sure I agree with this. There must be some...
ioquatix (Samuel Williams)


08:09 PM Ruby master Misc #16094: Allow only "Rebase and merge" or "Squash and merge" on GitHub master branch, and sync it on update hook
It's a good idea since it can save a lot of time for maintainers. ioquatix (Samuel Williams)
01:04 AM Ruby master Bug #16026: `Set#count` performance issues
I was okay with changing my implementation to use `#size` - which is what I've done. However, I don't think there is ... ioquatix (Samuel Williams)


10:18 PM Ruby master Misc #16047: Reconsider impact of frozen_string_literal on dynamic strings
I started using `frozen_string_literal` and I also wish `frozen_literal` (generally applies to Array `[]`, Hash `{}`,... ioquatix (Samuel Williams)


04:15 PM Ruby master Bug #16026: `Set#count` performance issues
I understand and I agree with your logic.
Maybe it's worth considering, `#count` with no arguments can invoke `#si...
ioquatix (Samuel Williams)
06:00 AM Ruby master Bug #16026 (Rejected): `Set#count` performance issues
`Set#size` is O(1), but `Set#count` is O(N).
I would like to add `alias count size` to `class Set`
Is it okay?
ioquatix (Samuel Williams)
05:57 AM Ruby master Feature #15997 (Closed): Improve performance of fiber creation by using pool allocation strategy.
It was merged. ioquatix (Samuel Williams)


08:42 AM Ruby master Bug #16009: Performance regression in 2.7
require 'benchmark'

require 'objspace'
# this line prohibit lazy sweep
ioquatix (Samuel Williams)

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