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07:55 PM Ruby master Feature #19078: Introduce `Fiber#storage` for inheritable fiber-scoped variables.
> If it doesn't wait it's not structured concurrency (children outlive the parent).
The problem with being strict ...
ioquatix (Samuel Williams)


05:32 PM Ruby master Feature #19078: Introduce `Fiber#storage` for inheritable fiber-scoped variables.
Async already has the concept of structured concurrency.
> I've been reading
ioquatix (Samuel Williams)
05:10 AM Ruby master Feature #19141: Add thread-owned Monitor to protect thread-local resources
Why do you need a recursive mutex for this code? Why not just lock inside the enumerator around whatever shared resou... ioquatix (Samuel Williams)


04:18 AM Ruby master Misc #19122: Use MADV_DONTNEED instead of MADV_FREE when freeing a Fiber's stack
I don't have a strong opinion about this, but I'm generally against loosing performance.
Maybe it can be controlle...
ioquatix (Samuel Williams)


06:02 AM Ruby master Feature #19135 (Closed): Support `UNIXSocket` on Windows
It was merged. ioquatix (Samuel Williams)


08:10 PM Ruby master Feature #19135: Support `UNIXSocket` on Windows
PR: ioquatix (Samuel Williams)
08:09 PM Ruby master Feature #19135 (Closed): Support `UNIXSocket` on Windows
In recent versions of Windows, the required parts are now supported: ioquatix (Samuel Williams)
08:10 PM Ruby master Misc #12474: Wishlist for Windows Unix compatibility features
UNIXSocket is implemented in ioquatix (Samuel Williams)


09:39 AM Ruby master Bug #18796 (Closed): GC compaction gets stuck on Mac OS when a debugger is attached
I can confirm it was merged. ioquatix (Samuel Williams)


11:29 PM Ruby master Bug #19101: madvise(free) was broken in 3.1?
I am copying all the discussion from GitHub here:
smcgivern yesterday
> @ioquatix I wasn't sure of the best way...
ioquatix (Samuel Williams)

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