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03:51 AM Ruby trunk Bug #15078: Hash splat of empty hash should not create a positional argument.
It is also related to


07:28 AM Ruby trunk Feature #14951: New operator to evaluate truthy/falsy/logical equivalence
I propose to extend the exclusive or operator `^` to be defined on `Object`. For `Integer`, the method would be overw...


09:00 AM Ruby trunk Feature #14913: Extend case to match several values at once
Perhaps, you can redefine `Array#===` and use arrays in the following way:
case [x, y]
when [0..10, 0..1...


08:59 AM Ruby trunk Feature #14781: Enumerator#generate
I propose the following:
* Enumerator.sequence
* Enumerator.recur


06:02 AM Ruby trunk Bug #14823: Endless Range Excluding End
I agree with shevegen. In case one of the two is to be removed, it is `1..` that should be removed, not the other way...


07:35 AM Ruby trunk Feature #14788: `Hash#keys` Could Accept a Block
If I were you, I would rather request a new method named `Hash#select_keys` for that purpose.


04:39 AM Ruby trunk Feature #14763: Allow more Enumerable methods to accept method names as symbol arguments
I think `reduce` or `inject` taking a method name as an argument was convenient in the old days when symbol to proc w...


07:32 AM Ruby trunk Feature #14594: Rethink yield_self's name
I disagree with the names proposed, but I agree that the current name is too long.
Here are yet other name candida...
07:23 AM Ruby trunk Feature #14594: Rethink yield_self's name
`map` is one of the worst names for this feature in my opinion. Generalizaing from cmoel's proposal to use `map` for ...


12:14 PM Ruby trunk Feature #14022: String#surround
I admit that now we can use `yield_self`. I didn't think interpolation was elegant enough, but I think I can live wit...

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