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10:22 AM Ruby master Bug #7975 (Rejected): Why __dir__, not __DIR__
There's a __FILE__ in Ruby 1.x, no __file__
Why __dir__ in Ruby 2.0 is downcase?
It's not consistent.
yimutang (Joey Zhou)


11:05 PM Ruby master Bug #6500 (Rejected): File#open with a ':binmode => true' opt
Here's the problem, under Windows:
irb(main):001:0> f ='x',binmode:true)
ArgumentError: both textmode ...
yimutang (Joey Zhou)


09:28 PM Ruby master Bug #6489 (Rejected): A File instance changes its class to IO
I don't know whether it is a bug, or a feature.
1.9.3p194 :001 > f = open('xxx','w')
=> #<File:xxx>
1.9.3p194 ...
yimutang (Joey Zhou)


10:11 PM Ruby master Feature #6261 (Rejected): Enumerable#emap and Enumerable#egrep
I was inspired by Ruby 1.9.x`s Enumerable#chunk and #slice_before, which both take a block and return an enumerator. ... yimutang (Joey Zhou)


12:15 PM Ruby master Bug #6202 (Rejected): The 'rescue' modifier can not be used in 'require'
My Ruby version is: ruby 1.9.3p125 (2012-02-16) [i386-mingw32]
I found that the 'rescue' modifier can not be used ...
yimutang (Joey Zhou)


02:32 PM Ruby master Feature #5798 (Rejected): Range#include? needs some optimization
For example:
('aa'..'az').include? 123
it seems that the procedure is:
1. check whether 'aa' == 123 # false
yimutang (Joey Zhou)


06:42 PM Ruby master Feature #5749: new method String#match_all needed
Yui NARUSE wrote:
> Why don't you use $~, $&, $`, $', $+, $1, $2, .. in scan' block parameter?
You reminds me! Ye...
yimutang (Joey Zhou)
06:03 PM Ruby master Feature #5749 (Assigned): new method String#match_all needed
The String class should contain an instance method 'match_all', which is a mixture of 'match' and 'scan'.
The meth...
yimutang (Joey Zhou)


07:58 PM Ruby master Feature #5400: Remove flip-flops in 2.0
Magnus Holm wrote:
> Nobody knows them. Nobody uses them. Let's just get rid of flip-flops, shall we?
Well, the f...
yimutang (Joey Zhou)
05:41 PM Ruby master Feature #5389: New method Enumerator#iterate
Yui NARUSE wrote:
> Enumerator#next is not enough?
array = (1..10).to_a
enum =!
loop do
yimutang (Joey Zhou)

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