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09:16 PM Ruby master Bug #18656 (Rejected): Documentation of Comparable Module: clamp method not mentioned in introduction
From the comparable docs ( ): "Comparable uses <=> to implement the c... steenslag (siep korteling)


10:11 PM Ruby master Bug #11075 (Closed): Rational literal undocumented
From the 2.2.2 docs for the Rational class: "In ruby, you can create rational object with Rational, #to_r or rational... steenslag (siep korteling)


05:20 AM Ruby master Bug #9364 (Closed): Documentation for curses library still listed under standard library
The documentation for curses library is still listed under standard library, however curses is removed from standard ... steenslag (siep korteling)


03:36 AM Ruby master Bug #9294 (Closed): Documentation for IO#read claims resulting string is always ASCII-8BIT encoding
Documentation for IO#read claims resulting string is always ASCII-8BIT encoding. This is not true (anymore).(http://w... steenslag (siep korteling)


09:35 AM Backport200 Backport #8108 (Closed): Comment in 2.0 doc for creating Arrays is plain wrong (confirmation needed)
This does not look right (but I do not have 2.0 installed), true) #=> [0, 0, 0]
Should be:
steenslag (siep korteling)


06:15 AM Ruby master Bug #7184 (Closed): --disable-gems commandline parameter does not show up with ruby -h
The --disable-gems commandline parameter, as documented in The Ruby Programming Language, is not listed when explorin... steenslag (siep korteling)


06:13 AM Ruby master Bug #6107 (Closed): Documentation Abbrev (stdlib) confusing
The example in the documentation suggests Abbrev::abrev returns an Array. It does return a hash; the array is the res... steenslag (siep korteling)


01:34 AM Ruby master Bug #5906 (Rejected): CSV converter option fails in case of :date_time
The built-in converters of CSV with the name :date_time does not convert dates, nor does the :any converter steenslag (siep korteling)

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