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02:31 AM Ruby trunk Feature #14116 (Feedback): Add Matrix #exponentiate method as Matlab's exp
Thanks for the PR.
The name is not acceptable, as the exponential of a matrix is something different (expm in Matl...
02:18 AM Ruby trunk Revision 60860 (trunk): lib/matrix: Add hadamard_product/entrywise_product.
Based on a patch by Charley Hutchison. [GH-674]
02:18 AM Ruby trunk Revision 60859 (trunk): lib/matrix: Add Matrix{.|#}combine
02:18 AM Ruby trunk Revision 60858 (trunk): lib/matrix: accept vectors in {h|v}stack
02:18 AM Ruby trunk Revision 60857 (trunk): lib/matrix: Add explicit coercion #to_matrix


05:26 AM Ruby trunk Feature #13901: Add branch coverage
We're thinking about an output format (for simplecov in particular) and I wanted to suggest for branch, method and "c...


10:24 PM Ruby trunk Feature #10903: [PATCH] Matrix#zip returns a matrix
Wow, time flies. Sorry for not addressing this earlier.
I have some commits ready to address this: https://github....
10:05 PM Ruby trunk Revision 60730 (trunk): lib/matrix: Remove method catalog [doc] [ci-skip]
10:04 PM Ruby trunk Revision 60728 (trunk): raise ArgumentError when no block given [#14074]


02:54 PM Ruby trunk Bug #14086 (Rejected): Interpreter seems to sneak in a nil value when a comma is missing on a nested array wrapped in parenthesis

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