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06:26 AM Ruby trunk Revision 59566 (trunk): use VM_UNREACHABLE() instead of rb_bug().
06:01 AM Ruby trunk Revision 59565 (trunk): introduce fiber_restore_thread.
* cont.c (fiber_restore_thread): added (separate from cont_restore_thread).
* cont.c (fiber_setcontext): call fiber_...
04:55 AM Ruby trunk Revision 59563 (trunk): rename rb_execution_context_t::stack(_size) to vm_stack(_size).
* vm_core.h: Ruby processes run with two stacks, a machine stack and a
VM stack. To make it clear, this fix renames...
03:34 AM Ruby trunk Revision 59561 (trunk): constify some variables.
03:20 AM Ruby trunk Revision 59560 (trunk): Define Thread#to_s (as Thread#inspect) and make alias `inspect` as `to_s`.
* thread.c: "Thread#to_s" is not defined without any reason. So this fix
define "Thread#to_s" which returns a strin...
03:09 AM Ruby trunk Revision 59559 (trunk): remove additional newline.
02:58 AM Ruby trunk Revision 59558 (trunk): Fiber#to_s (#inspect) return richer information.
* cont.c (fiber_to_s): return with block and status information.
* proc.c (proc_to_s_): removed and introduce rb_blo...
01:47 AM Ruby trunk Revision 59557 (trunk): refactoring Fiber status.
* cont.c: revisit fiber status.
"FIBER_RUNNING" status represents fiber is resumed or suspended.
This fix separat...


01:22 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13537 (Closed): ruby crash in rb_gc_mark


02:57 PM Ruby trunk Revision 59502 (trunk): use stable sort.
* lib/rubygems/resolver.rb (sort_dependencies): use stable sort.

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