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12:15 AM Ruby master Bug #19914 (Feedback): RDoc :method: directives swallowed by immediate private keyword
@jonathanhefner Recently discovered this bug in RDoc and fixed it in Rails, so I'm reporting it here on their behalf.... zzak (zzak _)


08:54 AM Ruby master Revision 80dfe2bc (git): [ruby/rdoc] Fix missing closing colon for `:notnew:` zzak (zzak _)


07:39 AM Ruby master Revision 8b2884c0 (git): [ruby/rdoc] Isolate root dir if specified
This ensures only files from the root directory are chosen, in order to allow a clean build from outside the source d... zzak (zzak _)


11:09 PM Ruby master Revision 773d56b1 (git): [ruby/rdoc] Add test coverage for -C flag zzak (zzak _)
11:09 PM Ruby master Revision b171e997 (git): [ruby/rdoc] Actually execute RDoc document task for coverage zzak (zzak _)


11:41 PM Ruby master Revision e04d20bc (git): [ruby/rdoc] Add rdoc:coverage default task zzak (zzak _)
11:41 PM Ruby master Revision da9ee7bc (git): [ruby/rdoc] Add newline before return
Co-authored-by: Olle Jonsson <>
zzak (zzak _)


07:40 AM Ruby master Bug #19337 (Closed): What is the difference between "default" gems and "bundled" gems?
Although I found [some answers]( on the [internet](https:... zzak (zzak _)


01:05 AM Ruby master Bug #19285 (Third Party's Issue): (docs.rlo) Split stdlib and core documents
It seems we merge all of the docs for stdlib and core into one for, this creates weirdness like [K... zzak (zzak _)


08:56 AM Ruby master Bug #19230: The openssl backend of securerandom is no longer needed
Good catch!
I did a quick GitHub search to see if anyone might be calling this method directly, but given it's pri...
zzak (zzak _)

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