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04:29 PM Ruby master Bug #18389 (Closed): `binding.irb` can fail in some classes that implement `context` and `print` methods.
Applied in changeset commit:git|b6b2e489f10bfc771beae8fa0ee5237613acd18f.
[ruby/irb] Changed to call Kern...
osyo (manga osyo)
04:28 PM Ruby master Revision b6b2e489 (git): [ruby/irb] Changed to call Kernel.print
If you call `binding.irb` on a class defined `#print`, it will crash, so call `Kernel.print`.
Fix [Bug #18389] `bind...
osyo (manga osyo)


12:09 AM Ruby master Revision 8d378fd2 (git): Add Enumerable::Lazy#with_index to NEWS-2.7.0
The behavior of `Enumerable::Lazy#with_index` has changed in Ruby 2.7.
This change was not listed in the Ruby 2.7 new...
osyo (manga osyo)


04:13 PM Ruby master Revision 1bfccba7 (git): Add bugs.ruby links.
osyo (manga osyo)


11:44 AM Ruby master Revision f279d418 (git): Fix warning in `Lexer::Elem#[]`
Changed to use `#pos` `#event` `#tok` `#state` since using Lexer::Elem#[0~4] now gives a warning.
see: https://github...
osyo (manga osyo)


11:17 PM Ruby master Bug #16852: Refining Enumerable fails with ruby 2.7
Can backport this fix? osyo (manga osyo)


03:42 PM Ruby master Revision dcbe29d2 (git): [ruby/irb] Fix bug infinite loop when pasting multilines fo code in Ruby 2.6
Fix bug infinite loop when pasting multilines fo code in Ruby 2.6.
This is not reproduced in Ruby 2.7.
Changes added ...
osyo (manga osyo)


09:21 AM Ruby master Revision d51ba1e1 (git): Add changes Enumerable#each_cons and each_slice in NEWS [ci skip]
osyo (manga osyo)


03:09 AM Ruby master Bug #18268: Behavior change when `each_cons` and `break ... if false` are combined in Ruby 3.1
It appears to have been changed at osyo (manga osyo)


10:58 AM Ruby master Revision b8327fb8 (git): [ruby/reline] Refactoring Reline::Key.match? and add test. osyo (manga osyo)

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