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09:33 AM Ruby master Misc #15723: Reconsider numbered parameters
I very much like the feature itself, esp. for one liners you can come up with on a pry prompt. What I very much disli... lloeki (Loic Nageleisen)


07:48 AM Ruby master Feature #14982: Improve namespace system in ruby to avoiding top-level names chaos
Please allow me to humbly present [this design and implementation of import semantics]( lloeki (Loic Nageleisen)


11:02 PM Ruby master Bug #13806: StringIO encoding conversion
naruse (Yui NARUSE) wrote:

> The 4th line's comment, 'reads "foo"' is wrong; it returns ''.
> Therefore though i...
lloeki (Loic Nageleisen)
01:12 PM Ruby master Bug #13806 (Closed): StringIO encoding conversion
StringIO's doc page says:
> Pseudo I/O on String object.
> Commonly used to simulate `$stdio` or `$stderr`
lloeki (Loic Nageleisen)

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