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05:44 AM Ruby master Bug #15518 (Closed): good old Infinite range notation behavior
Ruby 2.5.3's behavior
# without step, it produces integer sequence
(1..Float::INFINITY).first(10) #=> [1, 2,...
sakuro (Sakuro OZAWA)


12:43 PM Ruby master Bug #14795: Should 'net/http' require 'net/http/status' ?
naruse (Yui NARUSE) wrote:
> net/http itself doesn't need net/http/status.
Agreed. I'm OK to close this issue.
sakuro (Sakuro OZAWA)


10:02 PM Ruby master Bug #14795 (Closed): Should 'net/http' require 'net/http/status' ?
net/http/status.rb has been added (#12935) but it is [not required from net/http.rb]( sakuro (Sakuro OZAWA)


08:39 AM Ruby master Feature #14371: New option "recursive: true" for Hash#transform_keys!
FYI, ActiveSupport implemented these functionalities as separate methods:
* [Hash#deep_transform_keys](http://api....
sakuro (Sakuro OZAWA)


06:41 AM Ruby master Feature #7360: Adding Pathname#glob
ping? sakuro (Sakuro OZAWA)


08:21 AM Ruby master Bug #11324: Encoding to a String's own encoding with some options fails
See also #8123 sakuro (Sakuro OZAWA)
08:20 AM Ruby master Bug #11324 (Closed): Encoding to a String's own encoding with some options fails
To encode a `String` instance to its own encoding seems to be a bad idea, but following result looks strange:
sakuro (Sakuro OZAWA)


06:36 AM Ruby master Bug #10625 (Closed): configure --with or --without-jemalloc fails
I have installed jemalloc(version 3.6.0) from MacPorts on OSX Yosemite and tried building ruby trunk@96fc310.
The ...
sakuro (Sakuro OZAWA)


03:27 PM Ruby master Misc #10271 (Rejected): Drop exec bits from bundled gems
This is mere cosmetic matter, but it should be nice to drop exec bits from bundled *.gems in the tarball. They shoul... sakuro (Sakuro OZAWA)


04:25 PM Backport193 Backport #8375: Lexer error when specific character sequence occurs in string literals
# The bug occurs in MRI1.9.3... ruby -v = ruby 1.9.3p374 (2013-01-15) [i386-mingw32]
Is this to be ba...
sakuro (Sakuro OZAWA)

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