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09:20 AM Ruby master Feature #14579 (Open): Hash value omission
sorah (Sorah Fukumori)


05:00 PM Ruby master Revision 7ccb7a99 (git): [DOC] explicit_bzero exists in modern Linux
[ci skip] sorah (Sorah Fukumori)


03:49 PM Ruby master Revision 0f57d66f (git): webrick/ssl: More keyUsage for self-signed certs
Chrome 75+ started to strictly enforce X.509 keyUsage against TLS server
certificates. Webrick supports generating in...
sorah (Sorah Fukumori)


04:25 AM Ruby master Bug #16197: make install under non-root user fails for Ruby 2.4.8 tarball
The cause should be resolved with the following commits:
sorah (Sorah Fukumori)
03:50 AM Ruby master Bug #16197 (Closed): make install under non-root user fails for Ruby 2.4.8 tarball
Ruby 2.4.8 tarball doesn't install under non-root...
sorah (Sorah Fukumori)


04:22 PM Ruby master Bug #15561 (Rejected): What is Keto Tone? This result of keto tone
sorah (Sorah Fukumori)


03:15 AM Ruby master Revision 6b861342 (git): Unset SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH on Rubygems test cases
Relates to r66554. When test suites run with SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH, several
tests would fail. Environment Variables are ...
sorah (Sorah Fukumori)


03:39 PM Ruby master Revision 8b8c374c (git): Fix RubyGems extension build failure after r65470
Port of upstream patch
Since r65470 (Upstream:
sorah (Sorah Fukumori)


08:14 AM Ruby master Feature #14022 (Feedback): String#surround
It appears like `yield_self` or `%s` formatting can satisfy the use cases noted here.
Changing this ticket to Feed...
sorah (Sorah Fukumori)


05:14 AM Ruby master Bug #14587 (Rejected): math library functions should NOT raise exceptions
Rejecting here as we've locked the previous issue at GitHub. sorah (Sorah Fukumori)

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