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03:23 PM Ruby master Revision a415a3de (git): [ruby/irb] Properly reset USE_COLORIZE after changing it in tests
Some context tests assigns USE_COLORIZE to false and never change it
back. This can potentially affect other tests' r...
st0012 (Stan Lo)
01:57 PM Ruby master Revision 7d211c93 (git): [ruby/irb] Color.colorable? needs to consider the condition when irb is not loaded
ruby/debug uses `irb/color` selectively:
st0012 (Stan Lo)
01:30 PM Ruby master Revision 44c13162 (git): [ruby/irb] Centralize coloring control (
* Use colorable: argument as the only coloring control
* Centalize color controling logic at Color.colorable?
st0012 (Stan Lo)


01:27 PM Ruby master Revision 2d4a41df (git): [ruby/irb] Commands should respect `USE_COLORIZE` config ( st0012 (Stan Lo)


10:33 AM Ruby master Revision b1397e96 (git): [ruby/reline] Revert "Merge pull request #441 from nevans/workaround-linker-script-so"
This reverts commit, reversing
changes made to
st0012 (Stan Lo)


08:19 PM Ruby master Bug #18170: Exception#inspect should not include newlines
Sorry that the `#inspect` call actually came from the `ruby/debug`'s [own patch]( st0012 (Stan Lo)
09:25 AM Ruby master Bug #18170: Exception#inspect should not include newlines
I think this change will affect many users' tests because test frameworks generally use exceptions for assertion mess... st0012 (Stan Lo)


06:16 PM Ruby master Feature #14602: Version of dig that raises error if a key is not present
How about `dig_for`? If we’re digging for something, it kinda makes sense to raise an exception if it’s not there. st0012 (Stan Lo)


07:19 PM Ruby master Revision a6ce73ef (git): Add documentation section to README
st0012 (Stan Lo)


07:51 PM Ruby master Bug #12312: Make PTY take environment variables like popen does
FYI, I have updated [PTY.spawn's doc]( for the optional `env` argument. st0012 (Stan Lo)

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