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04:31 PM Ruby master Bug #16853: calling bla(hash, **kw) with a string-based hash passes the strings into **kw (worked < 2.7)
> > The reason why it was changed is because there are some methods that want to accept both symbol and non-symbol ke... Dan0042 (Daniel DeLorme)


04:00 PM Ruby master Bug #16996: Hash should avoid doing unnecessary rehash
Very surprising results for `Hash#dup`. I even tried `h.rehash` before the benchmark, with no effect.
Shouldn't th...
Dan0042 (Daniel DeLorme)


07:08 PM Ruby master Feature #16812: Allow slicing arrays with ArithmeticSequence
mrkn (Kenta Murata) wrote in #note-7:
> It may be better to change the behavior of `[*0..10][-100..100]`
I somewh...
Dan0042 (Daniel DeLorme)
03:56 PM Ruby master Bug #14541: Class variables have broken semantics, let's fix them
Since it's an error in 3.0, shouldn't it be made a non-verbose warning in 2.7? Dan0042 (Daniel DeLorme)
03:51 PM Ruby master Feature #16897: General purpose memoizer in Ruby 3 with Ruby 2 performance
sam.saffron (Sam Saffron) wrote in #note-28:
> If we keep `foo(a: 1)` working a developer may get confused (despite ...
Dan0042 (Daniel DeLorme)
02:15 PM Ruby master Feature #16848: Allow callables in $LOAD_PATH
That's interesting...
My understanding was that the "find" and "load" operations were supposed to be orthogonal, so...
Dan0042 (Daniel DeLorme)


02:55 PM Ruby master Feature #16972: Pathname#mkpath to accept block to call on each created directory
Thanks for the tip; all these years and I never realized `FileUtils.mkdir_p` had this `mode:` argument (and/or never ... Dan0042 (Daniel DeLorme)


02:11 AM Ruby master Feature #16031: Raise ArgumentError when creating Time objects with invalid day of month, instead of rolling into next month
It's true that this behavior is due to how Time behaves generally, but I think this is a valid bug report specificall... Dan0042 (Daniel DeLorme)


03:16 PM Ruby master Feature #16972 (Assigned): Pathname#mkpath to accept block to call on each created directory
I just had a case where I need to set the permissions on each directory created by `Pathname#mkpath`, but since this ... Dan0042 (Daniel DeLorme)


06:54 PM Ruby master Feature #16928: Array#include_all? & Array#include_any?
The first case (#include_all?) has also been requested before: #16039 Dan0042 (Daniel DeLorme)

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