Bug #17866

Updated by hsbt (Hiroshi SHIBATA) 7 months ago

Psych-4.0.0 changes `Psych.safe_load` by the default. 

 It breaks the several code like: 

 * etc... 

 I and @mame investigate them. We found 2 issues. 

 1. `Symbol` is still ignored `Pysch.load`. It break many of code like configuration store. passes `Symbol` used by `permitted_classes`. But It's not working now. see 
 2. `Pysch.load` restrict `Gem::Specification` or `RDoc::Options` by the default. Should we add them with`permitted_classes` to `Psych.load` or `Psych.load_file`? I'm not sure the right way about them. 

 @tenderlovemaking Do you have any ideas about the above concerns?