Feature #12125

Updated by nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada) over 7 years ago


 The `&` operator lets one pass a `#call`-able object as block. 

 Really useful feature, but at the moment, if you want to pass a `Method` this way the syntax is not really concise: 

 ``` `Dir["*/*.c"].map(&File.method(:basename))` 

 More often than not, at least I end up writing this instead `.map{|a| File.basename a}` which isn't that great either. 

 Thus, I want to propose adding a short-hand operator to the ruby language, which simply calls `#method` on an `Object`. Object. 

 It could look like this: `an_object->the_method` which is 100% equivalent to doing `an_object.method(:the_method)` 

 I'm reusing the `->` operator which is already used for the stabby lambda. But I think it makes sense: You have an object, 
 and from that object you point at a method to get it as `Method`. 

 With this, the example from above becomes: `Dir["*/*.c"].map(&File->basename)` 

 I attached a proof of concept patch. When you apply this to trunk, you can try the example above yourself. 
 Do note however that this PoC also breaks stabby lambda for the moment. I'll work on fixing that the following 

 Thank you for reading,