Feature #3591

Updated by mame (Yusuke Endoh) over 10 years ago

  On the 'duckinator' branch of my fork of ruby on github, I have added Numeric#divisor?: 
  is the same as: 
    (num % other == 0) 
  Example usage: 
    4.divisor?(2)       #=> true 
    1.divisor?(2)       #=> false 
    2.4.divisor?(1.2) #=> true 
    2.4.divisor?(1.3) #=> false 
    126.divisor?(9)     #=> true 
  I think this would be a very nice feature to add, and would make code using the old (num % other == 0) method much cleaner and easier to understand. 
  There is a unified diff of it: 
  The original commits can be seen here: -- First attempt, only worked with Integers -- Second attempt, should work with anything derived from Numeric that can be used as (num % other == 0)