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Update Oniguruma for Unicode 6

Added by runpaint (Run Paint Run Run) over 12 years ago. Updated about 12 years ago.

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Unicode 6.0 has been released, so it would be preferable to update Oniguruma for Ruby 1.9.3. A patch is attached which updates enc/unicode/unicode/name2ctype.kwd, and fixes the instructions in tool/enc-unicode.rb. Given the scope of this update, I'd prefer this merged sooner rather than later so we have time to test it.

A tentative test follows:

U+20B9, INDIAN RUPEE SIGN, is a new codepoint in 6.0. It has the general category Sc.

/\p{sc}/u =~ "\u{20B9}" #=> 0

U+0B72, ORIYA FRACTION ONE QUARTER, is a new codepoint in the Oriya script.

/\p{oriya}/u =~ "\u{0b72}" #=> 0

U+0B77, ORIYA FRACTION THREE SIXTEENTHS, is the last codepoint in the Oriya script block.

/\p{oriya}/u =~ "\u{0b78}" #=> nil

U+FBC0, TAMIL VOWEL SIGN II, is a new codepoint in the Arabic Presentation Forms-A block.

/\p{arabic}/u =~ "\u{fbc0}" #=> 0

U+1F130, SQUARED LATIN CAPITAL LETTER A, is a new codepoint with a general category of So.

/\p{so}/u =~ "\u{1f130}" #=> 0

U+0847, MANDAIC LETTER IT, is a new codepoint in the Mandaic script. The Mandaic script is new.

/\p{mandaic}/u =~ "\u{0847}" #=> 0

(When this is complete, NEWS needs to be updated, too).


onig-u6.patch (731 KB) onig-u6.patch runpaint (Run Paint Run Run), 10/27/2010 09:20 AM
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Updated by runpaint (Run Paint Run Run) over 12 years ago

I'm working on a test suite for this. So far, I've found some scripts that don't appear to recognised (may also exist in trunk; I haven't checked yet):

  1. (0xa840..0xa877).select{|o| o.chr('utf-8') =~ /\p{Phag}/} #=> []'Phags-pa_script
  2. (0x1c00..0x1c23).select{|o| o.chr('utf-8') =~ /\p{Lepcha}/} #=> []
  3. (0x103a0..0x103c3).select{|o| o.chr('utf-8') =~ /\p{xpeo}/} #=> []
  4. The "Unknown" script, defined in, isn't handled by enc-unicode.rb. /\p{Zzzz}/, for example, raises a SyntaxError.


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This issue was solved with changeset r29620.
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