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Ruby crash when I run calabash-android

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Hi All,

I install the calabash-android. If the Chinese is included in the feature file, which is as below:
Feature: Login feature
Scenario: As a valid user I can log into my app
When I press "我的"
Then I can see "Not login interface"

It occurs the ruby crash when I execute the command calabash-android run xxx.apk.
I have tried install the ruby 1.9.3, ruby 2.0 or ruby 2.3. The problem is same. My OS is win7-32 or win7-64.

What is the problem and what should I do that I can use the calabash-android tool?


crashInDos.jpg (282 KB) crashInDos.jpg fatal (clint ming), 10/16/2015 10:25 AM
RubyLibInstalled.jpg (151 KB) RubyLibInstalled.jpg ruby lib intalled (clint ming), 11/03/2015 06:55 AM

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Hello, clint.

Could you provide full error messages in your command prompt?

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Where I can find more log information when it occurred? I can only find the error info on dos screen. Attachment is the ruby lib I have installed


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