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typos/display errors in Regexp.html page

Added by nathanst (Nathan Stratton Treadway) about 8 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

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I was looking through the Regexp class documentation found at
... and found a number of problems that appeared to be either display issues or typos.

Most notably, throughout the entire document the { characters at the start of the %{...} contruct are missing. In many cases the closing } character is missing, too; in some cases it appears that a closing / character is used in the example, even though the RE was started with "%r".

Needly to say, this makes understanding the examples rather difficult....

Possibly related to the same issue, in the example definition of the float_pat expression found in the "Free-Spacing Mode and Comments", I don't see the "x" option actually specified anywhere in the example code....

In the "Performance" section of the page, there is a somewhat different type of issue: in the "Match a string of 29 as against a pattern of 29 optional" example, I don't see any actual call to .match() (though one does appear in the the next example down).

I checked the page in several versions of Firefox and also Safari, so I don't believe the issues are related to a specific browser.



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This is a duplicate of #6488

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