Agenda DevelopersMeeting20140418Japan


  • skype: matz, nobu
  • in person: hone, naruse, ko1, taru, martin, hsbt, zzak, shyouhei, aaron

Release Engineering of patch release


  • hsbt will talk to nagachika (current Ruby 2.1 maintainer) about Heroku and hsbt’s request for a Ruby 2.1 bugfix release
  • hsbt has requested to be a submaintainer of 2.1 and needs nagachika’s approval
  • the current state of releasing is expensive because it requires machine and human resources. Ruby needs to be tested with many configurations. hsbt and ko1 will examine a CI env to assist in the release process.
  • we would like to release more often to handle critical bugs like a SEGV
  • need to figure out how to handle already backported commits on the release branch not in the hotfix
  • revert the commits (or find some way not to include them) that don’t apply
    include them
  • matz says there’s no reason to distinguish hotfixes from a normal bugfix
  • hsbt: nagachika さんに heroku と hsbt の要望をお伝えする
  • hsbt: hotfix をすぐに出せるようなCI環境の構築を頑張る
  • nagachika: hsbt がサブメンテナとして参加していいか決める


  • hsbt のオーダー、ユーザー企業の要望としてはビルドできない、SEGVが起きるというようなcriticalな不具合はすぐに直してリリースしてほしい、そのために hsbt が 2.1 のサブメンテナのような形で関わりたい

    • 二人でメンテナンスするのが良いかどうかは nagachika さんにおまかせする
    • 今日の内容は nagachika さんに hsbt が連絡する
  • 例えば hotfix をすぐに出したい

    • すぐに出せるような仕組みは hsbt も頑張る
  • 複数人でやるとバックポートが貯まっていた後にcriticalなパッチをバックポートして検証するという時のコストが高くなる

  • hotfix モデルにする場合はブランチ設計が必要(hsbt がやりたいと言っていたこと)

  • hotfix と stable リリースは区別する必要がない

  • まつもとさんは(いやいや)ok>tenny2桁

hsbt: user comapny want to release patch release when it has critical bugs like SEGV. hsbt want to handle it as sub-maintainer.
ko1: heroku also want it.

  • up to nagachika about maintaining branch with 2 persons
  • hsbt reports to nagachika today’s discusion
  • for example immediate hotfix
    • hsbt collabolate to relase hotfix

naruse: current 2.1 branch already has some backports after 2.1.1. how handle them is the issue if we release 2.1.2 immediately. There’s some option (1) revert such commits (2) include them
naruse: if we choose hotfix model (release 2.1.1 with few ciritical fix), we need design new branching model

matz: agree with two digit teeny (with complaint)
matz: no need to distinct hotfix and stable releases

[Feature #9711] Remove test-unit and minitest from stdlib [hsbt]


  • minitest4 (in stdlib) conflicts with minitest5, so we need to decide what to do here.
  • hsbt will separate test library for test-all and copy it to test/
  • sora_h will decide how handle llib/test/unit
  • ryan will decide handle lib/minitest


  • we use test/unit (with minitest) for our test-all -> we can solve it easy
  • minitest4 conflicts with minitest5/minitest.gem

[Feature #9612] Gemify OpenSSL [zzak]


  • ko1 will finish this in 1 month. zzak will check if it’s not done. (June/2014)

[Bug #9613] Warn about unsafe ossl ciphers [zzak]


  • it breaks backward compatibility
  • if emboss allows the backport of this patch into 2.1 and 2.0, we will merge it.
  • it needs to warn and not raise.

[Bug #9671] 2.1 Backport Request #9592 OpenSSL Regression 2.1.0 [hone]


  • This depends on the result of “Release Engineering of patch release”
  • hsbt will discuss this issue with nagachika (maintainer of 2.1)

[Misc #9741] Policy for posting security and general announcements [hone]



ruby-core request to announce to w.r-l.o team

two kind of security issues:
known issue and unknown issue

hsbt: known issues: get consensus of github & w.r-l.o reviewers
hsbt: unknown issues: get consensus on ruby-core/security@ members + branch maintainers (usa & chikanaga).
other issues: get consensus on

Status of Branch Maintainer for 2.0.0? [hone]


When is the next release of maintained Rubies: [hone]


depends on the result of “Release Engineering of patch release.”
1.9.3 : when a big security issue occurs. No more bug fix releases.
2.0.0 : at the beginning in June
2.1.2 : depends on the result “Release Engineering of patch release.”

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