IRC Developers Meeting Guidelines

Meetings will take place in irc://

Moderator Duties

The moderator will:

  • ensure the channel is moderated before the meeting and will ensure that all participants are voiced
  • follow the meeting agenda and make sure each agenda topic is reasonably addressed before moving on to the next agenda topic
  • indicate the current topic in the channel topic

The moderator may:

  • defer some discussions to a future meeting
  • devoice participants if they take the discussion too far off-topic
  • allow non-agenda items to be addressed at the end of the meeting

Participant Duties

Participants are lead developers on ruby implementations and stakeholders for ruby features.

Allow the moderator to control the meeting. Wait for topics to be brought up for discussing them.

Speak in turn. Wait for other participants to finish speaking. Wait for the moderator to acknowledge you before speaking.

While speaking:

  • If you have to pause for a moment while speaking, say '…'
  • When you are done speaking, say 'end'

When someone else is speaking:

  • If you have a question while someone else is speaking, say '?'
  • If you would like to say something while someone else is speaking, say '!'

The moderator will acknowledge you after the current person is done speaking.

If you wish to discuss topics that are not in the agenda wait for the end of the meeting. If the meeting has continued for too long propose them as topics for the next meeting's agenda.

Non-Participant Duties

If you are a ruby implementer or feature stakeholder but weren't invited send a private message to the moderator. If you're not a ruby implementer or feature stakeholder you are a non-participant.

Refrain from messaging participants in the meeting. This allows them to stay on topic and prevents them from becoming distracted.

If you have a topic you would like discussed by the participants bring it up with them after the meeting. They can nominate it as an agenda item for the next meeting.


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