Date: 2017/02/22 (Wed)
Time: 14:00- 19:00 (JST)
Place: Money Forward inc. Headquarter
log edit:
log: TBD
Attendees: Yukihiro Matsumoto (Matz), Nobuyoshi Nakada, Shyouhei Urabe, Kenta Murata, Akira Matsuda, Akira Tanaka, Yui Naruse, Hiroshi Shibata, Martin Dürst
Language: mostly Japanese (sorry for non native Japanese speakers)

Please add your favorite ticket numbers you want to ask to discuss.

  • NOTE
    • Dev meeting IS NOT a decision making place. All decisions should be done at the bug tracker.
    • Dev meeting is a place we can ask Matz, nobu, nurse and other developers directly. Matz is a very busy person. Take this opportunity to ask him. If you can not attend, other attendees can ask instead of you (if attendees can understand your issue).
    • We will write a log about discussion to a file or to each ticket in English.
    • All activities are best-effort (keep in mind that most of us are volunteer developers).
    • The date, time and place is scheduled according to when/where we can reserve Matz's time.


  • NOTE: Write at least "ticket number/title/link" and your name (see example below). Explain details on the ticket. If you cannot attend the meeting, we appreciate a short summary because we can understand it more easily (long discussion is difficult to read, especially in a non-native language). Your motivation is also welcome.

About 2.5 timeframe

Carry-over from previous meeting(s)

  • [Feature #12962] Feature Proposal: Extend 'protected' to support module friendship (shyouhei)
    • see also:
    • [Feature #9992] Access Modifiers (Internal Interfaces)
  • [Feature #12968] Allow default value via block for Integer(), Float() and Rational() (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #12995] Conditional expression taking a receiver outside the condition (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #12996] Optimize Range#=== (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #10912] Add method(s) to IPAddr for determining whether an address is link local (shyouhei)
  • [Bug #13005] Inline rescue is inconsistent when rescuing NoMethodError (Dürst)
  • [Feature #13026] Public singleton methods (shyouhei)
  • [Bug #13024] Confusing error message matching a non-ASCII string with ASCII-regex (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #13009] Implement fetch for Thread.current (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #13045] Passing a Hash with String keys as keyword arguments (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #9846] Regexp#to_regexp (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #13047] Use String literal instead of String#+ for multiline pretty-printing of multiline strings (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #8661] Add option to print backstrace in reverse order(stack frames first & error last) (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #13077] [PATCH] introduce String#fstring method (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #13083] {String|Symbol}#match{?} with nil returns falsy as Regexp#match{?} (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #12508] Integer#mod_pow (shyouhei)
  • [Misc #13072] Current state of date standard library (shyouhei)
    • related:
    • [Bug #12981] Date.parse raises an Argument error under a specific condition (shyouhei) assign who?
    • [Bug #13101] Date#rfc2822 and Time#rfc2822 don't return the same format
  • [Feature #13097] Deprecate Socket.gethostbyaddr and Socket.gethostbyname (shyouhei)
  • [Bug #13105] String#to_f and String#to_r don't stop successive underscores (nobu)
  • [Feature #13109] using in refinements is required to be physically placed before the refined method call (shyouhei)
  • [Bug #12705] yielding args to a lambda uses block/proc rather than lambda/method semantics (shyouhei) status?
  • [Feature #13095] [PATCH] io.c (rb_f_syscall): remove deprecation notice (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #13122] Special syntax for Hash#default_proc (shyouhei)

From attendees

  • [Bug #13225] [DOC] expand docs for Date shifting (hsbt)
  • [Feature #13156] In-tree copy of ruby/spec (duerst)
  • [Feature #12650] Use UTF-8 encoding for ENV on Windows (duerst)
  • [Feature #13133] TracePoint: Add event type for constant access (hsbt)
  • [Feature #13197] Gemify fileutils (hsbt)
  • [Feature #6284] Add composition for procs (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #13137] Hash Shorthand (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #13166] Feature Request: Byte Arrays for Ruby 3 (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #9116] String#rsplit missing (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #4532] [PATCH] add IO#pread and IO#pwrite methods (shyouhei)
  • [Bug #13146] Float::NANs in Hashes are confusing (more than usual).
  • [Bug #13134] Rational() inconsistency (nobu)
  • [Feature #13240, Feature #13241] Change Unicode property implementation / Method(s) to access Unicode properties (duerst)

From non-attendees

Write your name and your interest (what do you want to ask and to whom?) please.

  • example: [Feature #10917] Add GC.stat[:total_time] when GC profiling enabled (ko1)
  • [Feature #13110] Byte-based operations for String (shugo)