Date: 2016/12/21 (Wed)
Time: 14:00- 19:00 (JST)
Place: Money Forward inc. Headquarter
log edit:
Attendees: TBD
Language: mostly Japanese (sorry for non native Japanese speakers)

Please add your favorite ticket numbers you want to ask to discuss.

  • NOTE
    • Dev meeting IS NOT a decision making place. All decisions should be done at the bug tracker.
    • Dev meeting is a place we can ask Matz, nobu, nurse and other developers directly. Matz is a very busy person. Take this opportunity to ask him. If you can not attend, other attendees can ask instead of you (if attendees can understand your issue).
    • We will write a log about discussion to a file or to each ticket in English.
    • All activities are best-effort (keep in mind that most of us are volunteer developers).
    • The date, time and place is scheduled according to when/where we can reserve Matz's time.


  • NOTE: Write at least "ticket number/title/link" and your name (see example below). Explain details on the ticket. If you cannot attend the meeting, we appreciate a short summary because we can understand it more easily (long discussion is difficult to read, especially in a non-native language). Your motivation is also welcome.

I want to clear my assigned tickets (shyouhei)

About 2.4 timeframe

Blocker for 2.4 release

  • [Feature #12944] Change Kernel#warn to call Warning.warn (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #13017] Switch SipHash from SipHash24 to SipHash13(?)
    • is [Bug #13019] related? (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #12142] Hash tables with open addressing (shyouehi) it seems ruby-core:78558 must be looked at.

Carry-over from previous meeting(s)

  • Bugs that seems forgotten (shyouhei) assign who?
    • [Bug #12666] Fatal error: glibc detected an invalid stdio handle
    • [Bug #12945] Use-after-free in vm_trace.c
    • [Bug #12961] Bad value for range using infinity for Date or Time
    • [Bug #12809] passing a proc to Kernel#lambda does not create a lambda
    • [Bug #12551] Exception accessing file with long path on windows
    • [Bug #12907] rb_respond_to() return value is incorrect
    • [Bug #13000] Implement Set#include? with Hash#include?
    • [Bug #13018] end of file reached (EOFError) from SMTP
    • [Bug #13030] Unexpected T_IMEMO object when building with VMDEBUG
    • [Bug #13043] Exception#cause can become recursive/infinite
  • [Feature #12732] An option to pass to Integer, Float, to return nil instead of raise an exception (shyouhei) conclusion?
  • [Feature #12745] String#(g)sub(!) should pass a MatchData to the block, not a String (shyouhei) conclusion?
  • [Feature #12753] Useful operator to check bit-flag is true or false (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #11815] Proposal for method Array#difference (shyouhei) Matz is thinking about this.
  • [Feature #2074] json の j や jj は module_function にするべき?
  • [Feature #9209][Feature #11925] Struct instances creatable with named args (nobu)
  • [Feature #12802] Add BLAKE2 support to Digest (nobu)
  • [Feature #12861] Lexically scoped super (nobu)
  • [Bug #12812] Added Coverage#result= (shyuohei)
  • [Feature #12180] switch id_table.c variant (shyouhei) ko1?
  • [Feature #8158] lightweight structure for loaded features index (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #12839] CSV - Give not nil but empty strings for empty fields (shyouhei) assign who?
  • [Feature #12854] Proc#curry should return an instance of the class, not Proc (shyouhei)
  • [Bug #12855] Inconsistent keys identity in compare_by_identity Hash when using literals (shyouhei) bug or...?
  • [Feature #12882] Add caller/file/line information to internal Kernel#warn calls (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #7360] Adding Pathname#glob (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #11286] [PATCH] Add case equality arity to Enumerable's sequence predicates. (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #5446] at_fork callback API (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #12780] BigDecimal#round returns different types depending on argument (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #11428] system/exec/etc. should to_s their argument to restore Pathname functionality as it was in 1.8 (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #12180] switch id_table.c variant (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #12901] Anonymous functions without scope lookup overhead (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #12906] do/end blocks work with ensure/rescue/else (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #12913] A way to configure the default maximum width of pp (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #12926] -l flag for line end processing should use chomp! instead of chop! (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #12912] An endless range (1..) (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #12933] Add Some and Optional (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #12931] Add support for Binding#instance_eval (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #12929] ternary should look ahead w/in a block (and not care about newlines) (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #12898] String#match? method in addition to Regexp#match? (shyouhei)
  • [Misc #12935] Webrick: Update HTTP Status codes, share them (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #12962] Feature Proposal: Extend 'protected' to support module friendship (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #12957] A more OO way to create lambda Procs (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #12963] ?string longer than one char (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #12966] net/ftp to include fxp support? (shyouhei) who's going to handle this?
  • [Feature #12967] Add a default for RUBY_GC_HEAP_GROWTH_MAX_SLOTS out-of-the-box (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #12969] Allow optional parameter in String#strip and related (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #12968] Allow default value via block for Integer(), Float() and Rational() (shyouhei)

From attendees

  • [Feature #5481] Gemifying Ruby standard library (hsbt)
  • [Feature #12995] Conditional expression taking a receiver outside the condition (shyouhei)
  • [Bug #12998] paragraph mode inconsistency between IO#each_line and String#each_line (nobu)
  • [Feature #13001] Add full option to ObjectSpace.dump_all (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #12996] Optimize Range#=== (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #10912] Add method(s) to IPAddr for determining whether an address is link local (shyouhei)
  • [Bug #13005] Inline rescue is inconsistent when rescuing NoMethodError (Dürst)
  • [Feature #13016] String#gsub(hash) (shyouhei)
  • [Bug #8241] If uri host-part has underscore ( '_' ), 'URI#parse' raise 'URI::InvalidURIError' (shyouhei) go WHATWG or …?
  • [Bug #8826] BigDecimal#div and #quo different behavior and inconsistencies (shyouhei) status?>mrkn
  • [Feature #13026] Public singleton methods (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #8158] lightweight structure for loaded features index (shyouhei)
  • [Bug #13024] Confusing error message matching a non-ASCII string with ASCII-regex (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #13009] Implement fetch for Thread.current (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #13045] Passing a Hash with String keys as keyword arguments (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #13048] Better way to do"some string")) (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #9846] Regexp#to_regexp (shyouhei)
  • [Feature #13047] Use String literal instead of String#+ for multiline pretty-printing of multiline strings (shyouhei)

From non-attendees

Write your name and your interest (what do you want to ask and to whom?) please.

  • ruby-core:78633 ruby/spec needs help from CRuby committers (eregon)
    I would like opinions and discussion from CRuby committers on this idea.

  • example: [Feature #10917] Add GC.stat[:total_time] when GC profiling enabled (ko1)