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Revision 38506

merge revision(s) 38202,38238,38324,38326: [Backport #7527]

  • test/dl/test_func.rb (test_name_with_block, test_bind, test_qsort1):
    call unbind to release the callback closure because maximum number
    of callbacks is limited to DL::MAX_CALLBACK (== 5) with pure DL
    without Fiddle.

  • ext/dl/lib/dl/func.rb (DL::Function#unbind, #bound?): suppress
    NoMethodError when Fiddle is available. [ruby-core:50756] [Bug #7543]

  • test/dl/test_func.rb (test_bound*, test_unbind*): tests for the above.

  • ext/dl/lib/dl/func.rb (DL::Function#initialize, DL::Function#bind):
    ABI should be set by using CFunc#calltype even when Fiddle is used.
    When Fiddle is used and a block is given, name shoud not be ignored.
    [ruby-core:50562] [Bug #7514]

  • ext/dl/lib/dl/import.rb (DL::Importer#bind_function): should respect
    abi and name when Fiddle is used.

  • test/dl/test_func.rb (test_name_with_block): test for "name" method
    with giving a block.