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Revision 36159

merge revision(s) 35625: [Backport #6618]

* thread.c (rb_threadptr_execute_interrupts_common):
  test_signal_requiring of test/ruby/test_signal.rb fail if the sub
  process is killed on waiting IO in lex_io_gets in rb_load_file in
  rb_load_internal in require.
  This is because
  (1) the process receive the killing signal in
      rb_thread_io_blocking_region in rb_read_internal in lex_io_gets.
  (2) set th->errinfo as INT2FIX(TAG_FATAL) at
  (3) escape rb_load_file in rb_load_internal and jump to EXEC_TAG()
      without set loaded as TRUE.
  (4) call first rb_exc_raise(GET_THREAD()->errinfo); because loaded
      is FALSE as above. this errinfo should be an exception object
      but this is INT2FIX(TAG_FATAL).
  Don't call first rb_exc_raise if GET_THREAD()->errinfo is Fixnum.