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Revision 17832

  • eval.c (rb_longjmp): duplicate the thrown exception to set backtrace
    if it was frozen. clear all raised flags.

  • eval.c (stack_check): leave clearing flag to rb_longjmp.

  • eval.c (rb_thread_set_raised, rb_thread_reset_raised): use generic

  • eval.c (Init_Proc), gc.c (Init_GC): freeze preallocated special exceptions.

  • gc.c (rb_memerror): use thread raised flag instead of static flag,
    and raise nomem_error without backtrace if failed to make backtrace.

  • gc.c (ruby_xmalloc): increase malloc_increase only if malloc
    succeeds. failed malloc size can be huge. it may increase
    malloc_limit too big which cause less GC and memory full.
    (ruby_xrealloc): ditto.