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Revision 8483

Merged in development from the main REXML repository.

  • Fixed bug #34, typo in xpath_parser.
  • Previous fix, (include? -> includes?) was incorrect.
  • Added another test for encoding
  • Started AnyName support in RelaxNG
  • Added Element#Attributes#to_a, so that it does something intelligent. This was needed by XPath, for '@*'
  • Fixed XPath so that @* works.
  • Added xmlgrep to the bin/ directory. A little tool allowing you to grep for XPaths in an XML document.
  • Fixed a CDATA pretty-printing bug. (#39)
  • Fixed a buffering bug in Source.rb that affected the SAX parser This bug was related to how REXML determines the encoding of a file, and evinced itself by hanging on input when using the SAX parser.
  • The unit test for the previous patch. Forgot to commit it.
  • Minor pretty printing fix.
  • Applied Curt Sampson's optimization improvements
  • Issue #9; 3.1.3: The SAX parser was not denormalizing entity references in incoming text. All declared internal entities, as well as numeric entities, should now be denormalized. There was a related bug in that the SAX parser was actually double-encoding entities; this is also fixed.
  • bin/* programs should now be executable. Setting bin apps to executable
  • Issue 14; 3.1.3: DTD events are now all being passed by StreamParser Some of the DTD events were not being passed through by the stream parser.
  • #26: Element#add_element(nil) now raises an error Changed XPath searches so that if a non-Hash is passed, an error is raised Fixed a spurrious undefined method error in encoding. #29: XPath ordering bug fixed by Mark Williams. Incidentally, Mark supplied a superlative bug report, including a full unit test. Then he went ahead and fixed the bug. It doesn't get any better than this, folks.
  • Fixed a broken link. Thanks to Dick Davies for pointing it out. Added functions courtesy of Michael Neumann Example code to follow.
  • Added Michael's sample code. Merged the changes in from branches/xpath_V
  • Fixed preceding:: and following:: axis Fixed the ordering bug that Martin Fowler reported.
  • Uncommented some code commented for testing Applied Nobu's changes to the Encoding infrastructure, which should fix potential threading issues.
  • Added more tests, and the missing syncenumerator class. Fixed the inheritance bug in the pull parser that James Britt found. Indentation changes, and changed some exceptions to runtime exceptions.
  • Changes by Matz, mostly of indent -> indent_level, to avoid function/variable naming conflicts
  • Tabs -> spaces (whitespace)

Note the addition of syncenumerator.rb. This is a stopgap, until I can work on
the class enough to get it accepted as a replacement for the SyncEnumerator
that comes with the Generator class. My version is orders of magnitude faster
than the Generator SyncEnumerator, but is currently missing a couple of
features of the original. Eventually, I expect this class to migrate to
another part of the source tree.