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Revision 38272

  • lib/rubygems/commands/cleanup_command.rb: Skip default gems when cleaning up.
  • test/rubygems/test_gem_commands_cleanup_command.rb: Test for above.

  • lib/rubygems/commands/query_command.rb: Fixed listing remote gems.

  • lib/rubygems/dependency_installer.rb: Ignore non-files when looking
    for local gems.

  • test/rubygems/test_gem_dependency_installer.rb: Test for above.

  • lib/rubygems/uninstaller.rb: The user must confirm uninstalling gems
    that have dependencies.

  • test/rubygems/test_gem_uninstaller.rb: Test for above.

  • lib/rubygems.rb (module Gem): Updated version.

  • test/rubygems/*.pem: Updated to run in FIPS mode.

  • test/rubygems/test_gem_security.rb: ditto.

  • test/rubygems/test_gem_security_signer.rb: ditto.