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Revision 37481

Added by shirosaki over 6 years ago

Cache the expanded load path

  • load.c (rb_get_expanded_load_path): cache the expanded load
    path. This saves 4KB of allocation and some stats for every
    element of the load path (so nearly a MB in my Rails app)
    on every require.

  • load.c (rb_construct_expanded_load_path): ensure that $LOAD_PATH
    entries are frozen strings. The user must mutate $LOAD_PATH
    itself rather than its individual entries.

  • vm_core.h (rb_vm_struct): add fields.

  • vm.c (rb_vm_mark): mark new fields.

  • ruby.c (process_options): modify $LOAD_PATH directly rather than
    its elements.
    Patch by Greg Price.
    [ruby-core:47970] [Bug #7158]