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Revision 36715

  • vm_trace.c, vm_core.h: simplify tracing mechanism. (1) add rb_hook_list_t data structure which includes hooks, events (flag) and need_clean' flag. If the last flag is true, then clean the hooks list. In other words, deleted hooks are contained byhooks'. Cleanup process should run before traversing the list. (2) Change check mechanism See EXEC_EVENT_HOOK() in vm_core.h. (3) Add raw' hooks APIs Normal hooks are guarded from exception by rb_protect(). However, this protection is overhead for too simple functions which never cause exceptions.raw' hooks are executed without protection and faster. Now, we only provide registration APIs. All `raw' hooks are kicked under protection (same as normal hooks).
  • include/ruby/ruby.h: remove internal data definition and macros.
  • internal.h (ruby_suppress_tracing), vm_trace.c: rename ruby_suppress_tracing() to rb_suppress_tracing() and remove unused function parameter.
  • parse.y: fix to use renamed rb_suppress_tracing().
  • thread.c (thread_create_core): no need to set RUBY_VM_VM.
  • vm.c (mark_event_hooks): move definition to vm_trace.c.
  • vm.c (ruby_vm_event_flags): add a global variable. This global variable represents all of Threads and VM's event masks (T1#events | T2#events | ... | VM#events). You can check the possibility kick trace func or not with ruby_vm_event_flags. ruby_vm_event_flags is maintained by vm_trace.c.
  • cont.c (fiber_switch, rb_cont_call): restore tracing status. [Feature #4347]
  • test/ruby/test_continuation.rb: ditto.