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Revision 36430

  • thread.c (rb_threadptr_async_errinfo_*): manage async errors queue. Async events such as an exception throwed by Thread#raise, Thread#kill and thread termination (after main thread termination) will be queued to th->async_errinfo_queue.
    • clear: clear the queue.
    • enque: enque err object into queue.
    • deque: deque err object from queue.
    • active_p: return 1 if the queue should be checked. rb_thread_t#thrown_errinfo was removed.
  • vm_core.h: add declarations of rb_threadptr_async_errinfo_*. remove rb_thread_t#thrown_errinfo field and add rb_thread_t#async_errinfo_queue (queue body: Array), rb_thread_t#async_errinfo_queue_checked (flag), rb_thread_t#async_errinfo_mask_stack(Array, not used yet).
  • vm.c (rb_thread_mark): fix a mark function.
  • cont.c (rb_fiber_start): enque an error.
  • process.c (after_fork): clear async errinfo queue.