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Revision 34043

  • win32/win32.c, include/ruby/win32.h (rb_w32_fd_is_text): new function.

  • win32/win32.c (init_stdhandle): set default mode of stdin as binmode.

  • io.c (set_binary_mode_with_seek_cur): new function to replace
    SET_BINARY_MODE_WITH_SEEK_CUR macro. now returns previous mode of the
    fd and take care of LF in rbuf.

  • io.c (do_writeconv): set text mode when needed.

  • io.c (io_read): need to change the mode of the IO to binmode
    temporally when the length for IO#read, because IO#read with length
    must behave so.

  • test/ruby/test_io_m17n.rb (TestIO_M17N#est_{read_with_length,
    read_with_binmode_and_get[cs],read_write_with_binmode}): tests for
    above changes.

all patches are written by Hiroshi Shirosaki. [ruby-core:41496]
[Feature #5714]