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Revision 29956

  • thread.c, vm_core.h: make gvl_acquire/release/init/destruct APIs to modularize GVL implementation.
  • thread_pthread.c, thread_pthread.h: Two GVL implementations. (1) Simple locking GVL which is same as existing GVL. (2) Wake-up queued threads. The wake-up order is simple FIFO. (We can make several queues to support exact priorities, however this causes some issues such as priority inversion and so on.) This impl. prevents spin-loop (*1) caused on SMP environemnts. *1: Only one Ruby thread acqures GVL again and again. Bug #2359 [ruby-core:26694]
  • thread_win32.c, thread_win32.h: Using simple lock not by CRITICAL_SECTION but by Mutex. Bug #3890 [ruby-dev:42315]
  • vm.c (ruby_vm_destruct): ditto.