From 12/01/2012 to 12/07/2012


05:42 PM Revision 38265: * lib/csv.rb: A fix for row comparison by Stephen Wattam. [Bug #7528]
JEG2 (James Gray)
04:27 PM Revision 38264: unit.rb: no need to check all reports
* lib/test/unit.rb (Test::Unit::Runner#_run_parallel): no need to
check all reports.
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
03:49 PM Revision 38263: * 2012-12-08
03:49 PM Revision 38262: * vm_eval.c (yield_under, eval_under): do not activate refinements
of the receiver in module_eval and instance_eval.
* eval.c (ruby_Init_refinement): undef Class#refine.
* eval.c (ru...
shugo (Shugo Maeda)
02:44 PM Revision 38261: * ext/refinement/refinement.c: include ruby/ruby.h instead of the
declaration of rb_warn(). shugo (Shugo Maeda)
10:36 AM Revision 38260: Revert r38216 and r38221. Release manager mark this feature as "next minor".
kosaki (Motohiro KOSAKI)
07:10 AM Revision 38259: Remove file from r38201
zzak (Zachary Scott)
07:08 AM Revision 38258: * doc/etc.rd: Removed stale documentation file
* ext/etc/etc.c: Merged documentation from doc/etc.rd and updated
rdoc, added documentation for Etc::Passwd and Et...
zzak (Zachary Scott)
07:03 AM Revision 38257: * lib/test/unit.rb (Test::Unit::Runner#_run_parallel): no need to
retry skipped test. this fix makes 40% faster the whole test-all
with -j5 on Windows.
usa (Usaku NAKAMURA)
05:22 AM Revision 38256: * lib/rdoc/markup/to_joined_paragraph.rb: Completed documentation
* lib/rdoc/parser/c.rb: ditto
* lib/rdoc/parser/changelog.rb: ditto
* lib/rdoc/servlet.rb: ditto
* lib/rdoc/store....
drbrain (Eric Hodel)
05:04 AM Revision 38255: timeout.rb: replace deferred exception after async_interrupt_timing
* lib/timeout.rb (Timeout#timeout): since async_interrupt_timing
re-raises a deferred exception, replace the timeou...
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
05:02 AM Revision 38254: * test/ruby/test_refinement.rb: suppress warning.
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
05:02 AM Revision 38253: test: remove or replace trailing spaces
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
04:39 AM Revision 38252: * ext/fiddle/closure.c ( fix typo in documentation
ngoto (Naohisa Goto)
04:35 AM Revision 38251: * ext/fiddle/function.c ( fix typo in documentation
ngoto (Naohisa Goto)
04:21 AM Revision 38250: Commit ChangeLog from r38249
zzak (Zachary Scott)
04:08 AM Revision 38249: * doc/forwardable.rd: Remove stale documentation file
* lib/forwardable.rb: Merge documentation from doc/forwardable.rd zzak (Zachary Scott)
02:58 AM Revision 38248: Use more portable value for ENV['TZ']
naruse (Yui NARUSE)
02:55 AM Revision 38247: * time.c (time_mdump): dump timezone string to private instance variable
on marshaling.
* time.c (time_mload): load timezone string from private instance
variable named 'zone'.
naruse (Yui NARUSE)
02:55 AM Revision 38246: Add freebsd to force_tz_test
naruse (Yui NARUSE)
02:55 AM Revision 38245: Canada/Newfoundland was renamed to America/St_Johns
naruse (Yui NARUSE)
02:55 AM Revision 38244: Add declaration of rb_warn
naruse (Yui NARUSE)


04:21 PM Revision 38243: * ext/fiddle/lib/fiddle/function.rb (Fiddle::Function#name): new
attribute needed to switch Win32::Registry from DL to Fiddle.
* ext/fiddle/lib/fiddle/import.rb (import_function, bi...
ngoto (Naohisa Goto)
03:12 PM Revision 38242: * 2012-12-07
03:12 PM Revision 38241: * test/ruby/test_refinement.rb: fix some tests to use neither
Module#using nor Module#module_eval. shugo (Shugo Maeda)
02:33 PM Revision 38240: * properties.
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
02:31 PM Revision 38239: * eval.c (ruby_Init_refinement): a new function to enable
Refinements with a warning "Refinements are experimental...".
* ext/refinement/refinement.c, ext/refinement/extconf....
shugo (Shugo Maeda)
02:30 PM Revision 38238: * ext/dl/lib/dl/func.rb (CALL_TYPE_TO_ABI, FiddleClosureCFunc): exclude private constants and methods from rdoc
ngoto (Naohisa Goto)
02:27 PM Revision 38237: * ext/fiddle/lib/fiddle/import.rb (CALL_TYPE_TO_ABI): exclude private constant from RDoc
ngoto (Naohisa Goto)
01:08 PM Revision 38236: * revised r37993 to avoid SEGV/ILL in tests. In r37993, a method
entry with VM_METHOD_TYPE_REFINED holds only the original method
definition, so ci->me is set to a method entry all...
shugo (Shugo Maeda)
08:29 AM Revision 38235: parse.y: flush string content
* parse.y (parser_here_document): flush string content between new
line and :string_embexpr. [ruby-core:48703] [Bu...
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
08:25 AM Revision 38234: test_scanner_events.rb: ruby-mode highlight by heredoc
* test/ripper/test_scanner_events.rb (TestRipper::ScannerEvents): get
rid of make ruby-mode highlight confused by h...
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
08:25 AM Revision 38233: memory_status.rb: EnvUtil
* test/ruby/memory_status.rb (Memory): suppress_warning is in EnvUtil.
[ruby-core:50599] [Bug #7523]
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
07:35 AM Revision 38232: * test/rake/helper.rb: Load envutil correctly. Removed useless rescue
for signal propagation tests
* lib/rake/file_utils.rb: Prefer the built ruby.
* test/rake/test_rake_functional.rb: ...
drbrain (Eric Hodel)
06:20 AM Revision 38231: * lib/rdoc/context.rb: Don't warn for duplicate methods while loading.
* test/rdoc/test_rdoc_context.rb: Test for above. drbrain (Eric Hodel)
05:26 AM Revision 38230: * lib/rubygems/command_manager.rb: Removed string concatenation
syntax. [Bug #6265]
* lib/rubygems/commands/install_command.rb: ditto
* lib/rubygems/commands/uninstall_command.rb:...
drbrain (Eric Hodel)
05:13 AM Revision 38229: * lib/rubygems/package.rb: Set rubygems_version before validation.
Fixes issue with bundler.
* test/rubygems/test_gem_package.rb: Test for above.
* lib/rubygems/remote_fetcher.rb: O...
drbrain (Eric Hodel)
04:57 AM Revision 38228: Fix typo
zzak (Zachary Scott)
03:13 AM Revision 38227: * vm_trace.c: TracePoint#enable should not cause an error
when it is already enabled. TracePoint#disable is too.
[ruby-core:50561] [ruby-trunk - Bug #7513]
* test/ruby/test_...
ko1 (Koichi Sasada)


10:20 PM Revision 38226: * lib/rdoc*: Improved display of ChangeLog files as HTML.
* test/rdoc*: Test for above. drbrain (Eric Hodel)
07:37 PM Revision 38225: * thread.c (rb_uninterruptible): helper function for providing
temporary async_interrupt_timing(Object => :defer)
* io.c (rb_f_p): use rb_uninterruptible.
* io.c (rb_f_p_internal)...
kosaki (Motohiro KOSAKI)
07:37 PM Revision 38224: * io.c (io_binwrite): check interrupt before io issue.
* test/ruby/test_thread.rb (test_async_interrupt_and_io):
test for the above.
kosaki (Motohiro KOSAKI)
04:10 PM Revision 38223: vm_eval.c: public_send does not consider how it is called
* vm_eval.c (rb_method_call_status): use Qundef as no self instead of
the current self.
* vm_eval.c (send_internal)...
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
04:07 PM Revision 38222: test_object.rb: test for public_send
* test/ruby/test_object.rb (TestObject#test_public_send): add test for
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
03:53 PM Revision 38221: * lib/timeout.rb (Timeout#timeout): specify a exception
more strictly at async_interrupt_timing. tarui (Masaya Tarui)
03:48 PM Revision 38220: adjust style and fix typo and indent
03:34 PM Revision 38219: Suppress warnings
naruse (Yui NARUSE)
03:12 PM Revision 38218: Use underscore-begging name for dummy variables to suppress warning
naruse (Yui NARUSE)
03:04 PM Revision 38217: * 2012-12-06
03:04 PM Revision 38216: * lib/timeout.rb (Timeout#timeout): set
async_interrupt_timeing(:on_blocking) by default.
[Bug #7503] [ruby-core:50524]
* test/test_timeout.rb (#test_time...
kosaki (Motohiro KOSAKI)
02:56 PM Revision 38215: add a contributor name
02:53 PM Revision 38214: * gc.c (getrusage_time): uses clock_gettime() with
CLOCK_PROCESS_CPUTIME_ID when available, which provides a 1ns
precision on linux. [ruby-core:50495] [Bug #7500]
01:46 PM Revision 38213: vm.c: save blockprocval
* vm.c (rb_vm_make_proc): save the proc made from the given block so
that it will not get collected. [ruby-core:50...
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
01:35 PM Revision 38212: fix typos and remove trailing spaces
01:24 PM Revision 38211: * ext/dl/lib/dl/func.rb (DL::Function#bind): When Fiddle is used,
@ptr should be updated. This fixes SEGV raised in DL::Function#call
after calling DL::Function#bind. [Bug #7516] [r...
ngoto (Naohisa Goto)
09:54 AM Revision 38210: * thread.c (rb_thread_s_async_interrupt_timing): have to check ints before jumpping out.
* test/ruby/test_thread.rb (test_async_interrupt_with_return): add test
rescue has to catch a queued async excepti...
tarui (Masaya Tarui)
07:56 AM Revision 38209: * test/ruby/memory_status.rb: suppress warning.
A patch from NAKAMURA Usaku. ko1 (Koichi Sasada)
07:07 AM Revision 38208: * lib/rdoc/parser/changelog.rb: Parse more ChangeLog file variations.
* test/rdoc/test_rdoc_parser_changelog.rb: Test for above. drbrain (Eric Hodel)
06:30 AM Revision 38207: * test/mkmf/test_have_func.rb: tests for have_func.
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
06:30 AM Revision 38206: test_have_library.rb: assert_have_library
* test/mkmf/test_have_library.rb (assert_have_library): extract. nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
06:30 AM Revision 38205: test_have_macro.rb: TestHaveMacro
* test/mkmf/test_have_macro.rb (TestMkmf::TestHaveMacro): rename. nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
04:08 AM Revision 38204: * remove trailing spaces.
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
03:59 AM Revision 38203: * test/mkmf/test_have_library.rb: tests for have_library.
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
03:20 AM Revision 38202: * ext/dl/lib/dl/func.rb (DL::Function#initialize, DL::Function#bind):
ABI should be set by using CFunc#calltype even when Fiddle is used.
When Fiddle is used and a block is given, name ...
ngoto (Naohisa Goto)
02:55 AM Revision 38201: * doc/shell.rd, doc/shell.rd.ja: Removed stale doc files
* lib/shell.rb, lib/shell/*: Merge and updates docs from doc/shell.rd* zzak (Zachary Scott)
02:43 AM Revision 38200: * test/ruby/test_settracefunc.rb: disable trace.
ko1 (Koichi Sasada)
02:37 AM Revision 38199: mkmf.rb: different strings from conflict markers
* lib/mkmf.rb (MakeMakefile#macro_defined?): use clearly different
strings from conflict markers.
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
02:00 AM Revision 38198: tabify and fix typos
01:23 AM Revision 38197: * ChangeLog: remove conflict marker.
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)


07:24 PM Revision 38196: * lib/README: Add rdoc modeline directive and formatting libs
zzak (Zachary Scott)
07:11 PM Revision 38195: typo
tarui (Masaya Tarui)
07:06 PM Revision 38194: * test/ruby/test_thread.rb (test_async_interrupt_blocking): bugfix
about defared check tarui (Masaya Tarui)
06:38 PM Revision 38193: * vm_core.h (RUBY_VM_CHECK_INTS_BLOCKING): check async queue everytime.
* thread.c (sleep_forever): check RUBY_VM_CHECK_INTS_BLOCKING first.
* thread.c (sleep_timeval): ditto.
tarui (Masaya Tarui)
05:36 PM Revision 38192: id.c: generate
*, defs/id.def, template/id.c.tmpl: generate id.c as well as id.h. nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
04:08 PM Revision 38191: * test/ruby/memory_status.rb: fixed small typos introduced at r38182.
usa (Usaku NAKAMURA)
04:06 PM Revision 38190: supress warning
kosaki (Motohiro KOSAKI)
04:05 PM Revision 38189: supress warning
kosaki (Motohiro KOSAKI)
04:02 PM Revision 38188: * thread.c (rb_mutex_owned_p): new method that return current
thread have the target mutex or not. [Feature #7505] [ruby-dev:46697]
* test/ruby/test_thread.rb (test_mutex_owned, t...
kosaki (Motohiro KOSAKI)
03:10 PM Revision 38187: * 2012-12-05
03:10 PM Revision 38186: * lib/erb.rb (make_compiler, add_put_cmd, add_insert_cmd): extract
methods. seki (Masatoshi Seki)
02:54 PM Revision 38185: id.h.tmpl: remove unused id
* template/id.h.tmpl (attr_ids): remove Bitblt and Answer which are no
longer predefined.
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
09:55 AM Revision 38184: * test/ruby/memory_status.rb (Memory): use fiddle/types if available.
* test/ruby/memory_status.rb (Memory::Win32): :stdcall is needed on
x86 WIN32. This commit partly reverts r38054.
ngoto (Naohisa Goto)
09:08 AM Revision 38183: * ext/fiddle/lib/fiddle/types.rb: copied from ext/dl/lib/dl/types.rb
and modified for Fiddle, needed for migration from DL to Fiddle. ngoto (Naohisa Goto)
09:00 AM Revision 38182: * ext/fiddle/lib/fiddle/import.rb (import_function, bind_function):
should respect call_type for migration from DL to Fiddle.
[Bug #7484] [ruby-core:50405]
ngoto (Naohisa Goto)
08:39 AM Revision 38181: fix typos
unification is uncountable kazu
07:57 AM Revision 38180: * properties.
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
07:54 AM Revision 38179: * .document: Added ChangeLog and doc/ChangeLog-* as documentation
drbrain (Eric Hodel)
07:50 AM Revision 38178: * lib/rdoc/parser/changelog.rb: Added a ChangeLog parser to RDoc.
* lib/rdoc/parser.rb: ditto
* test/rdoc/test_rdoc_parser_changelog.rb: Test for above.
drbrain (Eric Hodel)
07:24 AM Revision 38177: * properties.
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
07:23 AM Revision 38176: marshal.c: PRIsVALUE
* marshal.c (path2class, path2module): use PRIsVALUE. nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
07:23 AM Revision 38175: marshal.c: rb_check_funcall
* marshal.c (w_object, marshal_dump, marshal_load): use
rb_check_funcall if possible.
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
07:23 AM Revision 38174: marshal.c: GC guard
* marshal.c (w_object, marshal_dump, r_object0, marshal_load): use
RB_GC_GUARD() (directly or indirectly) instead o...
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
04:57 AM Revision 38173: * vm_opts.h: enable optimization - operand unifications.
Operand unification technique enable to combine
an instruction and specific operands and make new
* ...
ko1 (Koichi Sasada)
01:01 AM Revision 38172: Suppress warning: uninitialized variable [ruby-core:50470] [Bug #7494]
Conditional operator is required to return true or false. naruse (Yui NARUSE)
01:01 AM Revision 38171: * parse.y: replase parser->enc with current_enc.
naruse (Yui NARUSE)


11:34 PM Revision 38170: * README.EXT: Converted to RDoc format
* README.EXT.ja: ditto drbrain (Eric Hodel)
11:32 PM Revision 38169: * lib/rdoc/ri/driver.rb: Fixed ri page display for files with
* test/rdoc/test_rdoc_ri_driver.rb: Test for above
drbrain (Eric Hodel)
07:12 PM Revision 38168: * .document: Add NEWS for `ri ruby:NEWS`
* NEWS: Set format as rdoc
* doc/NEWS-1.8.7: ditto
* doc/NEWS-1.9.1: ditto
* doc/NEWS-1.9.2: ditto
* doc/NEWS-1.9...
drbrain (Eric Hodel)
03:08 PM Revision 38167: * 2012-12-04
03:08 PM Revision 38166: adjust style
02:55 PM Revision 38165: * ChangeLog: fix a typo for r38151.
nagachika (Tomoyuki Chikanaga)
11:38 AM Revision 38164: * vm_exec.c: check VM_COLLECT_USAGE_DETAILS.
ko1 (Koichi Sasada)
11:33 AM Revision 38163: * compile.c (iseq_specialized_instruction):
change condition of using `opt_send_simple'.
More method invocations can be simple.
ko1 (Koichi Sasada)
11:06 AM Revision 38162: * test/ruby/test_objectspace.rb: skip RuntimeError
which says a message "can't modify frozen File".
Is that correct behavior?
ko1 (Koichi Sasada)
11:02 AM Revision 38161: fix typo
ko1 (Koichi Sasada)
11:00 AM Revision 38160: * vm_exec.c: vm_analysis_insn should be statkc.
ko1 (Koichi Sasada)
10:22 AM Revision 38159: proc.c: magic number
* proc.c (rb_method_call): name a magic number. nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
10:21 AM Revision 38158: object.c: test bits at once
* object.c (rb_obj_clone): test TAINT and UNTRUSTED bits at once. nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
10:10 AM Revision 38157: random.c, rational.c: make marshal methods private
* random.c (Init_Random), rational.c (Init_Rational): make marshal
methods private. [Feature #6539]
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
10:03 AM Revision 38156: * iseq.h: iseq_catch_table_entry::catch_type should be
Fixnum because they are pushed into Array in a compiler.
[Bug #7502]
* test/ruby/test_objectspace.rb: add a test of...
ko1 (Koichi Sasada)
09:25 AM Revision 38155: id.h.tmpl: move empty?
* template/id.h.tmpl (preserved_ids): "empty?" is not an attribute name. nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
07:23 AM Revision 38154: * vm_backtrace.c (vm_backtrace_to_ary): check negative size (2nd arg).
ko1 (Koichi Sasada)
06:58 AM Revision 38153: Un-zerofill the day of month part of some entries.
knu (Akinori MUSHA)
06:52 AM Revision 38152: Fix a typo in misc/ruby-additional.el.
* misc/ruby-additional.el (ruby-mode-set-encoding): Unbreak by
fixing a typo, s/set/setq/.
knu (Akinori MUSHA)
05:14 AM Revision 38151: * compile.c (iseq_compile_each): joke shouldn't use id.h defined ids.
* id.c (Init_id): ditto.
* fix dpendency.
ko1 (Koichi Sasada)
03:43 AM Revision 38150: ruby-mode.el: fix argument indent
* misc/ruby-mode.el (ruby-block-end-re, ruby-delimiter)
(ruby-mode-syntax-table, ruby-parse-partial, ruby-beginning...
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)


10:52 PM Revision 38149: * lib/rdoc/parser.rb: Improved modeline support. Patch by nobu.
* test/rdoc/test_rdoc_parser.rb: Test for above. drbrain (Eric Hodel)
03:09 PM Revision 38148: * 2012-12-03
03:09 PM Revision 38147: * ext/bigdecimal/bigdecimal.c (BigDecimal_new): stop checking string
taintness. [Bug #5508] [ruby-core:40510] mrkn (Kenta Murata)
10:28 AM Revision 38144: * thread.c (RB_GC_SAVE_MACHINE_CONTEXT, rb_gc_save_machine_context):
extract rb_gc_save_machine_context to RB_GC_SAVE_MACHINE_CONTEXT.
NOTE: machine_regs and machine_stack_end must be...
tarui (Masaya Tarui)
09:57 AM Revision 38143: * array.c, enum.c, insns.def, io.c, numeric.c, parse.y, process.c,
range.c: use prepared IDs.
A patch from charliesome (Charlie Somerville).
[Bug #7495]
* add dependency...
ko1 (Koichi Sasada)
08:56 AM Revision 38142: revert r38141 for stack problem
tarui (Masaya Tarui)
08:45 AM Revision 38141: * thread.c (RB_GC_SAVE_MACHINE_CONTEXT, rb_gc_save_machine_context):
Don't set machine_regs and machine_stack_end with a different scope. tarui (Masaya Tarui)
07:57 AM Revision 38140: fix typo
zzak (Zachary Scott)
07:48 AM Revision 38139: * lib/weakref.rb (rdoc): Clean up usage, add example,
note ArgumentError on zzak (Zachary Scott)
07:45 AM Revision 38138: * gc.c (WeakMap): Add doc for internal reference, use lib/weakref.rb
zzak (Zachary Scott)
03:30 AM Revision 38137: fix typo
02:47 AM Revision 38136: add ticket ref: [ruby-dev:46665] [Bug #7468]
tarui (Masaya Tarui)


10:24 PM Revision 38135: * lib/rdoc/parser.rb: Parse files with a -*- rdoc -*- modeline
* test/rdoc/test_rdoc_parser.rb: Test for above drbrain (Eric Hodel)
09:15 PM Revision 38134: * gc.h (SET_MACHINE_STACK_END): add volatile for preventing
harmful optimization. kosaki (Motohiro KOSAKI)
08:07 PM Revision 38133: * iseq.c (rb_iseq_line_trace_each): iterate `line' event only.
* test/ruby/test_iseq.rb: add a test for this change. ko1 (Koichi Sasada)
05:47 PM Revision 38132: * vm_trace.c: add TracePoint#inspect.
* test/ruby/test_settracefunc.rb: add a test for this change. ko1 (Koichi Sasada)
03:26 PM Revision 38131: * vm_trace.c (rb_tracepoint_new): commit miss.
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
03:25 PM Revision 38130: * 2012-12-02
03:25 PM Revision 38129: * tool/gen_dummy_probes.rb: add mode name.
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
03:25 PM Revision 38128: adjust style.
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
02:22 PM Revision 38127: make-snapshot: PATH_SEPARATOR
* tool/make-snapshot (package): now PATH_SEPARATOR is needed for
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
01:54 PM Revision 38125: * test/rubygems/test_gem_specification.rb (test_emits_zulu_timestamps_properly): too old bug.
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
01:54 PM Revision 38124: time.c, vm_method.c: update rdoc
* time.c (time_{mdump,dump,mload,load): update rdoc.
* vm_method.c (obj_respond_to_missing): ditto.
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
01:35 PM Revision 38123: vm_method.c: private
* vm_method.c (basic_obj_respond_to): call even if private.
[Feature #6539]
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
12:19 PM Revision 38122: * test/ruby/test_backtrace.rb: add a test for
BTW, tests for `caller_locations' are not enough.
Any volunteers are welcome.
ko1 (Koichi Sasada)
12:09 PM Revision 38121: * vm_backtrace.c (location_inspect_m): add
It same as loc_obj.to_s.inspect.
ko1 (Koichi Sasada)
10:24 AM Revision 38120: io.c: recurse for the argument
* io.c (rb_io_puts): recurse for the argument itself, not converted
array elements. [ruby-core:42444] [Bug #5986]
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
10:06 AM Revision 38119: * misc: ignore pre-compiled emacs lisp files.
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
10:01 AM Revision 38118: marshal.c: private methods
* marshal.c (w_object, r_object0): call private marshal methods.
[Feature #6539]
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
09:52 AM Revision 38117: * lib/rubygems/commands/cleanup_command.rb: Fix cleanup command for
multiple gems. [ruby-trunk - #7481] by Kouhei Sutou
* test/rubygems/test_gem_commands_cleanup_command.rb: Test for ...
drbrain (Eric Hodel)
09:30 AM Revision 38116: gc.c: suppress warnings
* gc.c (add_slot_local_freelist, slot_sweep, mark_locations_array):
suppress unused-value warnings, even with valgr...
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
09:17 AM Revision 38115: complex.c, time.c: make marshal methods private
* complex.c (Init_Complex), time.c (Init_Time): make marshal methods
private. [Feature #6539]
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
09:16 AM Revision 38114: object.c: make remove_instance_variable public
* object.c (Init_Object): make remove_instance_variable public.
[Feature #6539]
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
09:16 AM Revision 38113: vm_method.c: make initialize methods private
* id.c (Init_id), template/id.h.tmpl: add initialize_{copy,clone,dup}
and respond_to_missing?.
* vm_method.c (rb_me...
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
09:15 AM Revision 38112: * properties.
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
08:29 AM Revision 38111: * test/ruby/test_thread.rb: move ConditionVariable related test
into test/thread/test_cv.rb.
* test/thread/test_cv.rb: new file.
* test/thread/test_cv.rb (test_condvar_empty_signal)...
kosaki (Motohiro KOSAKI)
08:28 AM Revision 38110: * test/ruby/test_thread.rb (test_cv_wait_deadlock): enable
cv deadlock test. kosaki (Motohiro KOSAKI)
08:28 AM Revision 38109: * lib/thread.rb (ConditionVariable): use hash instead of array for
* test/thread/test_queue.rb (test_sized_queue_and_wakeup): remove
a test because @waiters no longer have ...
kosaki (Motohiro KOSAKI)
08:17 AM Revision 38108: ruby-electric.el: use kill-region
* misc/ruby-electric.el (ruby-electric-curlies): use kill-region
instead of interactive command delete-backward-char.
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
08:13 AM Revision 38107: inf-ruby.el: fix compilation-shell-minor-mode
* misc/inf-ruby.el (inferior-ruby-mode): fix the
compilation-shell-minor-mode configuration. a patch by
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
08:08 AM Revision 38106: * ChangeLog: fix a typo for r38075.
nagachika (Tomoyuki Chikanaga)
06:05 AM Revision 38105: dir.c: use NAMLEN
* dir.c (glob_helper): use NAMLEN() to tell the length of d_name
instead of strlen(), which can access beyond the b...
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
04:48 AM Revision 38104: * lib/rubygems/specification.rb: Don't add default gems to $LOAD_PATH
as they are already there. drbrain (Eric Hodel)
03:58 AM Revision 38103: * properties.
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
03:57 AM Revision 38102: markdown.rb: \r
* lib/rdoc/markdown.rb (RDoc::Markdown): use \r instead of raw control
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
03:35 AM Revision 38101: * re-added r38053 that is reverted by r38061. Problems by r38053
are resolved by r38096. r38096 removed GEM_SKIP configuration.
The below is ChangeLog of r38053:
* defs/default_g...
kou (Kouhei Sutou)
03:30 AM Revision 38100: test_gem_specification.rb: suppress warnings
* test/rubygems/test_gem_specification.rb (with_syck): we all know
that syck has been removed.
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
02:13 AM Revision 38099: * variable.c (rb_class_path_no_cache): add a function to get the class
path without caching the computed path. Some classes are frozen, and
will raise an exception without this.
* probe...
12:49 AM Revision 38098: * test/rdoc/test_rdoc_options.rb: Windows drive letters are
case-insensitive. drbrain (Eric Hodel)
12:42 AM Revision 38097: * lib/rubygems.rb: Search for gem deps file up the directory tree.
* test/rubygems/test_gem.rb: Test for above. drbrain (Eric Hodel)
12:34 AM Revision 38096: * test/runner.rb: Set GEM_HOME, GEM_PATH and GEM_SKIP to empty set.
With default_gem support in RubyGems GEM_SKIP prevents loading of
built-in gems.
drbrain (Eric Hodel)

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