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# Project Tracker Status Subject Assignee Updated
15667 Ruby trunk Feature Open Introduce malloc_trim(0) in full gc cycles 04/01/2019 09:32 AM Actions
15624 Ruby trunk Feature Rejected Allow net/http Response to close before reading entire body 02/27/2019 01:55 PM Actions
15617 Ruby trunk Misc Closed Any chance we can ship 2.5.4 sooner rather than later? 03/13/2019 03:12 PM Actions
14932 Ruby trunk Feature Open Dynamically adjust method cache size at runtime 07/22/2018 10:45 PM Actions
14894 Ruby trunk Bug Open Segfault loading iseqs 07/03/2018 11:53 PM Actions
14850 Ruby trunk Feature Closed Add official API for setting timezone on Time 10/28/2018 12:03 PM Actions
14819 Ruby trunk Feature Open Efficient cstring to RVALUE typecasting for c extension gems 06/06/2018 09:13 PM Actions
14491 Ruby trunk Feature Closed MJIT needs internal debugging methods k0kubun (Takashi Kokubun) 06/21/2018 11:44 PM Actions
14490 Ruby trunk Bug Closed MJIT slows down Rails applications k0kubun (Takashi Kokubun) 07/28/2018 04:15 PM Actions
14489 Ruby trunk Feature Rejected MJIT needs a reusable cache k0kubun (Takashi Kokubun) 03/07/2018 04:26 PM Actions
14478 Ruby trunk Feature Closed String #uminus should de-dupe unconditionally 06/04/2018 11:26 PM Actions
14475 Ruby trunk Bug Closed String de-duplication is broken in files with frozen_string_literal: true 02/14/2018 11:42 PM Actions
14414 Ruby trunk Misc Rejected Move to hsbt (Hiroshi SHIBATA) 02/23/2018 06:17 AM Actions
14410 Ruby trunk Feature Closed Reduce allocations and retained objects in the uri common module 01/28/2018 09:11 PM Actions
13772 Ruby trunk Bug Closed Memory leak recycling stacks for threads in 2.4.1 ko1 (Koichi Sasada) 09/15/2017 09:32 AM Actions
13544 Ruby trunk Feature Closed Allow loading an ISeqs sequence directly from a C extension without requiring buffer is in an RVALUE ko1 (Koichi Sasada) 05/05/2017 12:32 AM Actions
12967 Ruby trunk Feature Rejected Add a default for RUBY_GC_HEAP_GROWTH_MAX_SLOTS out-of-the-box ko1 (Koichi Sasada) 02/20/2018 03:13 PM Actions
12409 Ruby trunk Bug Closed -fexcess-precision=standard is making it hard to compile my gem 05/24/2016 07:49 AM Actions
12403 Ruby trunk Feature Open Optimise Regexp#match? 05/24/2016 05:54 AM Actions
12394 Ruby trunk Bug Closed Regexp#match? should strictly return true or false 05/19/2016 03:10 AM Actions
12306 Ruby trunk Feature Open Implement String #blank? #present? and improve #strip and family to handle unicode matz (Yukihiro Matsumoto) 07/22/2018 10:55 PM Actions
10669 Ruby trunk Bug Rejected Incorrect url parsing in 2.2.0 01/02/2015 07:58 AM Actions
10561 Ruby trunk Bug Open Improve function of Thread::Backtrace::Location #path and #absolute_path 02/23/2015 10:11 AM Actions
9800 Ruby trunk Bug Feedback Ship 2.1.2 with GC_HEAP_OLDOBJECT_LIMIT_FACTOR of 1.3 12/25/2017 06:15 PM Actions
9751 Ruby trunk Bug Closed Process.wait does not work correctly in a thread 06/27/2014 07:53 AM Actions
9151 Ruby trunk Bug Closed Segfault in Ruby head 11/26/2013 10:43 PM Actions
9137 Ruby trunk Bug Closed RUBY_FREE_MIN is not enforced correctly 11/22/2013 04:40 PM Actions
9134 Ruby trunk Bug Open RUBY_HEAP_MIN_SLOTS does not work correctly in Ruby 2.0 11/21/2013 01:48 PM Actions
9113 Ruby trunk Feature Closed Ship Ruby for Linux with jemalloc out-of-the-box 08/20/2014 07:48 PM Actions
8977 Ruby trunk Feature Assigned String#frozen that takes advantage of the deduping matz (Yukihiro Matsumoto) 01/27/2018 06:29 AM Actions
8456 Ruby trunk Bug Closed Sugfault in Ruby Head ko1 (Koichi Sasada) 05/28/2013 12:56 PM Actions
8409 Ruby trunk Bug Closed Having issues compiling 2.0.0 p195 08/12/2014 05:26 AM Actions
8336 Ruby trunk Bug Closed Segfault in :=~ 04/27/2013 11:07 AM Actions
8206 Ruby trunk Feature Open Should Ruby core implement String#blank? 04/28/2016 02:05 PM Actions
7474 Ruby trunk Bug Rejected I am getting undefined symbol: rb_enable_interrupt when running event machine kosaki (Motohiro KOSAKI) 01/30/2013 06:30 AM Actions
7472 Ruby trunk Feature Rejected Add a mechanism to remove objects from the GC cycle 12/06/2012 01:03 AM Actions
7436 Ruby trunk Feature Assigned Allow for a "granularity" flag for backtrace_locations matz (Yukihiro Matsumoto) 12/25/2017 06:15 PM Actions
7435 Ruby trunk Feature Rejected Exceptions should have backtrace_locations ko1 (Koichi Sasada) 08/13/2013 05:08 PM Actions
7434 Ruby trunk Feature Closed Allow caller_locations and backtrace_locations to receive negative params ko1 (Koichi Sasada) 01/31/2017 09:33 AM Actions
7051 Ruby trunk Feature Closed Extend caller_locations API to include klass and bindings. Allow caller_locations as a method hanging off Thread. ko1 (Koichi Sasada) 11/29/2012 04:53 AM Actions

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