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# Project Tracker Status Subject Assignee Updated
11775 Ruby master Bug Closed Backport r52892 (fix the argument order of ATOMIC_SIZE_CAS) nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada) 12/08/2015 04:47 PM Actions
11722 Ruby master Bug Closed Backport r52683 (Net::HTTP fix bug with "Expect: 100-continue" header) hsbt (Hiroshi SHIBATA) 11/30/2015 11:56 AM Actions
11271 Ruby master Bug Closed TestObjSpace#test_trace_object_allocations_start_stop_clear occasional failure ko1 (Koichi Sasada) 11/27/2015 08:44 PM Actions
11693 Ruby master Bug Closed Backport r50985. (don't close others for rubyspec) 11/18/2015 11:48 AM Actions
11497 Ruby master Bug Closed add Write Barrier in refined method entry move (fixed at r51728) ko1 (Koichi Sasada) 09/08/2015 06:10 AM Actions
11433 Ruby master Bug Closed Backport r51532 (rb_ary_repeated_permutation: fix buffer size) nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada) 08/17/2015 08:04 AM Actions
10951 Ruby master Bug Closed insert WB in lep_svar_set() (r49898) ko1 (Koichi Sasada) 06/17/2015 02:41 AM Actions
10813 Ruby master Bug Closed Fix intermittent SIGBUS on Linux (fixed at r49452) nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada) 04/13/2015 08:02 AM Actions
10946 Ruby master Bug Closed need a WB for klass -> origin. (r49875) ko1 (Koichi Sasada) 04/13/2015 07:52 AM Actions
10649 Ruby master Bug Closed get rid of NameError in io/console (fixed at r48982) nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada) 03/31/2015 01:49 PM Actions
10953 Ruby master Bug Closed follow rubyspec repository changes (r49689, r49752, r49753) hsbt (Hiroshi SHIBATA) 03/24/2015 07:44 AM Actions
10692 Ruby master Bug Closed there is no response body with HEAD request (fixed at r49105) hsbt (Hiroshi SHIBATA) 02/28/2015 04:03 PM Actions
10662 Ruby master Bug Closed fix to invoke correct function of tcllib. (fixed at r49034) nagai (Hidetoshi Nagai) 02/19/2015 10:11 AM Actions
10839 Ruby master Bug Closed OpenSSL 1.0.2 does not allow wrap mode (fixed by r49525) nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada) 02/18/2015 03:21 AM Actions
10814 Ruby master Bug Closed SIGBUS by stack overflow on Funtoo (fixed at r49463) nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada) 02/17/2015 08:55 AM Actions
10448 Backport21 Backport Closed Backport r48186 (Kernel#load with non-ASCII path cause LoadError) nagachika (Tomoyuki Chikanaga) 01/21/2015 03:39 PM Actions
10688 Ruby master Bug Closed fix non-symbol keys hash. (fixed at r49088, 49089) naruse (Yui NARUSE) 01/16/2015 05:44 AM Actions
10516 Backport200 Backport Closed merge "Newer Root CA for" for rubygems 2.0 bundled with ruby 2.0.0 (r48389) usa (Usaku NAKAMURA) 11/28/2014 07:04 AM Actions
10434 Ruby master Bug Closed fix TestBugReporter#test_bug_reporter_add failure on Yosemite (fixed at r46397) nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada) 11/05/2014 09:12 AM Actions
10373 Ruby master Bug Closed add RB_GC_GUARD in rb_mod_define_method() (r47891) nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada) 10/15/2014 02:12 PM Actions
10281 Ruby master Bug Closed r47683 (add GC guard in rb_ary_splice()) nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada) 10/15/2014 06:56 AM Actions
9910 Backport200 Backport Closed Backport r45540 to introduce OpenSSL::OPENSSL_LIBRARY_VERSION usa (Usaku NAKAMURA) 09/18/2014 03:26 PM Actions
9971 Ruby master Bug Closed potential stack overflow check deadlock (fixed at r46495) nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada) 09/17/2014 06:25 AM Actions
10242 Ruby master Bug Closed Backport r47591 (Pathname#relative_path_from crash) nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada) 09/17/2014 06:10 AM Actions
10241 Ruby master Bug Closed Backport r47590 (fix a typo in fiddle/import.rb) nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada) 09/17/2014 06:08 AM Actions
10140 Backport21 Backport Closed Backport r47191 (don't pass a non-VALUE argument to RB_OBJ_WRITE) nagachika (Tomoyuki Chikanaga) 09/09/2014 06:00 PM Actions
10139 Backport21 Backport Closed Backport r47190 (use RBASIC_SET_CLASS_RAW in setup_fake_str()) nagachika (Tomoyuki Chikanaga) 09/09/2014 05:46 PM Actions
9942 Ruby master Bug Closed reduce memory allocation in Array#permutation (fixed at r46416) nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada) 08/31/2014 06:37 AM Actions
10005 Backport21 Backport Closed Backport r46649 (Fix --dump=parsetree segfault on required keyword argument) nagachika (Tomoyuki Chikanaga) 08/02/2014 03:15 PM Actions
9994 Ruby master Bug Closed replace deprecated macro finite() with isfinite() (fixed at r44505) nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada) 07/07/2014 03:00 AM Actions
9991 Ruby master Bug Closed fd leak on WEBrick::Utils#create_listeners (fixed at r46598) akr (Akira Tanaka) 07/03/2014 06:16 AM Actions
9872 Ruby master Bug Closed socket leak in Net::FTP#transfercmd (fixed at r46182) 06/27/2014 08:06 AM Actions
9911 Backport21 Backport Closed Backport r45540 to introduce OpenSSL::OPENSSL_LIBRARY_VERSION nagachika (Tomoyuki Chikanaga) 06/23/2014 04:04 PM Actions
9896 Backport21 Backport Closed r46313 (add write barriers for refinements) nagachika (Tomoyuki Chikanaga) 06/23/2014 03:28 PM Actions
9621 Backport21 Backport Closed backport r45308 (Check fptr before trying to dump FILE object fd) naruse (Yui NARUSE) 06/10/2014 05:44 PM Actions
9656 Ruby master Bug Closed check for -fno-defer-pop option in ext/dl/extconf.rb nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada) 06/01/2014 05:07 PM Actions
9879 Ruby master Bug Closed fix fd leaks in (fixed at r46218) 05/29/2014 10:55 AM Actions
9706 Ruby master Bug Closed Date#<=> should use #< method(fixed at r45520) 05/27/2014 03:21 PM Actions
9651 Ruby master Bug Closed __dir__ returns nil in instance_eval/module_eval sorah (Sorah Fukumori) 05/12/2014 01:19 PM Actions
9668 Backport21 Backport Closed Backport r45393 (Fix up default GC params) nagachika (Tomoyuki Chikanaga) 05/04/2014 03:17 PM Actions
9466 Backport200 Backport Closed backport r44758, r44759 and r44760 (preserve class name/method name encoding error messages.) nagachika (Tomoyuki Chikanaga) 02/15/2014 04:29 PM Actions
9465 Backport200 Backport Closed backport r44756 (support GNU make on FreeBSD/DragonflyBSD) nagachika (Tomoyuki Chikanaga) 01/30/2014 04:01 PM Actions
9460 Backport200 Backport Closed backport r44402 (Declare `OP_MSIE_SSLV2_RSA_PADDING` only if the macro is defined.) nagachika (Tomoyuki Chikanaga) 01/30/2014 03:51 PM Actions
9256 Ruby master Bug Closed Build failure on Mac OS X after r44257 nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada) 12/20/2013 04:01 PM Actions
8991 Backport193 Backport Closed r43177 (fix offset of Time.strptime with "%s" directive) usa (Usaku NAKAMURA) 10/31/2013 11:06 PM Actions
8980 Backport193 Backport Closed backport r43112, r43114, r43117, r43118 (IO.pipe/popen and close_write/close_read) usa (Usaku NAKAMURA) 10/31/2013 11:03 PM Actions
9033 Backport200 Backport Closed backport r43328 (fix memory leak at a non-absolute home exception on Windows) nagachika (Tomoyuki Chikanaga) 10/18/2013 02:09 AM Actions
8969 Backport200 Backport Closed backport r43092 (call gc_rest_sweep on GC.disable) nagachika (Tomoyuki Chikanaga) 10/09/2013 11:58 PM Actions
8927 Backport200 Backport Closed backport r42980 (fix source_location of lambda) nagachika (Tomoyuki Chikanaga) 09/27/2013 01:22 AM Actions
8900 Backport200 Backport Closed Update RubyGems 2.0.8 on 2.0.0 nagachika (Tomoyuki Chikanaga) 09/14/2013 12:02 AM Actions
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