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# Project Tracker Status Subject Assignee Updated
15319 Ruby trunk Bug Closed Since r65735, tool/ related error on Solaris 10 nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada) 11/22/2018 06:09 AM Actions
15293 Ruby trunk Bug Closed Since r64852, on Solaris with Oracle Developer Studio 12.4, syntax error 12/10/2018 02:04 PM Actions
15292 Ruby trunk Bug Third Party's Issue Since r64852, on Solaris with Oracle Developer Studio 12.6, compile error of iseq.c ngoto (Naohisa Goto) 12/11/2018 12:36 AM Actions
14963 Ruby trunk Bug Open Since r64107, on Solaris, spec test of rb_io_wait_readable hangs up 08/03/2018 02:49 PM Actions
14876 Ruby trunk Bug Closed /bin/sh: bad substitution since r63679 on Solaris nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada) 07/02/2018 01:51 PM Actions
14875 Ruby trunk Bug Closed /bin/sh: bad substitution 06/17/2019 11:25 PM Actions
14826 Ruby trunk Bug Open make: *** [.ext/include/sparc-solaris2.10/rb_mjit_min_header-2.6.0.h] Error 1 on Solaris 10 with very old gcc3 06/05/2018 02:02 PM Actions
14786 Ruby trunk Bug Closed PTY duplicated "\r" problem on Solaris 05/23/2018 03:59 PM Actions
14761 Ruby trunk Bug Open TestThread#test_join_limits hangs up on Solaris 10 with gcc 05/16/2018 05:23 AM Actions
14751 Ruby trunk Bug Closed error during transform_mjit_header.rb on Solaris 10 05/11/2018 04:48 PM Actions
14746 Ruby trunk Bug Closed $cppflags が ext/zlib/Makefile に反映されないため(?) Solaris 10 にて ext/zlib のmakeに失敗する 05/11/2018 03:46 PM Actions
14447 Ruby trunk Bug Rejected Solaris 10 上の古いFujitsu C Compiler(fcc)のmjit関係のエラー 02/07/2018 12:34 PM Actions
14446 Ruby trunk Bug Closed Solaris 10 上の Oracle Developer Studio 12.5 および 12.6 の64ビットコンパイル時のmjit関係のエラー 02/08/2018 02:15 PM Actions
14260 Ruby trunk Bug Closed test failure related with proc arity on 32-bit environment (e.g. Solaris 10 with 32-bit compile) 01/07/2018 10:25 PM Actions
14200 Ruby trunk Bug Closed addr2line.c compile error with C89 compilers on Solaris 10 01/06/2019 02:17 PM Actions
14199 Ruby trunk Bug Closed eval_error.c compile error with Oracle Solaris Studio (Oracle Developer Studio) 12.4 on Solaris 10 12/18/2017 04:02 PM Actions
13658 Ruby trunk Bug Closed Compile error with Oracle Solaris Studio (Oracle Developer Studio) 12.4 in compile.c line 1622 (definition of BADINSN_ERROR) 06/14/2017 04:27 AM Actions
13522 Ruby trunk Bug Closed Solaris10上で make update-rubyspec が bad substitution で失敗 04/30/2017 10:53 AM Actions
13433 Ruby trunk Bug Closed Solaris10上で make update-rubyspec が失敗 04/14/2017 12:45 AM Actions
13424 Ruby trunk Bug Closed Solaris10上で make update-rubyspec が bad substitution で失敗 04/13/2017 07:52 AM Actions
13059 Ruby trunk Bug Closed "regcomp.c", line 2236: error: syntax error near `/' with old fcc on Solaris 10 ngoto (Naohisa Goto) 12/21/2016 03:21 PM Actions
12769 Ruby trunk Bug Closed Since r56098, compile error in ossl_ssl.c line 639, with old version of fcc on Solaris 10 09/16/2016 01:13 PM Actions
12768 Ruby trunk Bug Closed Since r56158, compile error in "hash.c", line 1753, with old fcc on Solaris 10 09/16/2016 12:20 PM Actions
12767 Ruby trunk Bug Closed Since r56169, compile error of vsnprintf.c with Oracle Solaris Studio 12.x 09/18/2016 10:40 AM Actions
12701 Ruby trunk Bug Closed compile error about ALWAYS_INLINE 08/24/2016 11:13 AM Actions
12575 Ruby trunk Bug Closed Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value(s) at rb_wait_for_single_fd (thread.c:3864) 08/18/2016 02:05 PM Actions
12559 Ruby trunk Bug Closed ./enc/iso_8859_14.c, line 253: error: syntax error near / with old fcc on Solaris 10 08/04/2016 07:43 AM Actions
12537 Ruby trunk Bug Closed Fiddle::TestPointer#test_to_s and test_to_str destroy literal string data 09/30/2016 03:44 PM Actions
12536 Ruby trunk Bug Closed SIGABRT during GC on Debian GNU/Linux 8 (x86_64) due to insufficient string buffer allocation related with term fill 09/30/2016 03:42 PM Actions
12527 Ruby trunk Bug Closed warning: macro redefined: REG_PC and REG_SP on Solaris 10 ko1 (Koichi Sasada) 11/05/2016 04:31 PM Actions
12524 Ruby trunk Bug Closed Excess semicolons in ext/digest and ext/openssl 08/16/2016 03:13 AM Actions
12479 Ruby trunk Bug Closed mistaken macro GCC_VERSION_SINCE 08/04/2016 05:59 AM Actions
12471 Ruby trunk Bug Closed make update-mspec always fails on Solaris 08/04/2016 05:45 AM Actions
12470 Ruby trunk Bug Closed Since r54952, TestMkmf::TestConvertible failed on Solaris 10 with Oracle SolarisStudio 12.x cc ngoto (Naohisa Goto) 06/08/2016 11:37 AM Actions
12406 Ruby trunk Bug Closed Since r55002, Bus Error on 64-bit SPARC on Solaris 10 06/08/2016 05:17 AM Actions
12397 Ruby trunk Bug Closed Since r54986, syntax error with Oracle Solaris Studio 12.x on Solaris 10 06/08/2016 05:18 AM Actions
11944 Ruby trunk Bug Closed ruby lib version (2.4.0) doesn't match executable version (RUBY_PROGRAM_VERSION_MAJOR.RUBY_PROGRAM_VERSION_MINOR.0) (RuntimeError) ngoto (Naohisa Goto) 01/04/2016 03:12 AM Actions
11853 Ruby trunk Bug Closed "variable.c line 43: warning: modification of typedef with int ignored" on Solaris 02/03/2016 10:38 AM Actions
11843 Ruby trunk Bug Closed enc/windows_1250.c syntax error with fcc on Solaris -- C++(C99)-style comments should not be used 03/25/2016 08:19 AM Actions
11821 Ruby trunk Bug Closed warning: syntax error: empty declaration in gc.c because of semicolon after RUBY_ALIAS_FUNCTION() 12/15/2015 02:20 PM Actions
11780 Ruby trunk Bug Closed TestIO_Console#test_getpass failed on Solaris 12/08/2015 04:04 AM Actions
11743 Ruby trunk Bug Closed r52758 以降 config.guess がダウンロードできない 12/07/2015 07:28 AM Actions
11742 Ruby trunk Bug Closed lib/webrick/utils.rb:196:in `register': ERROR RuntimeError: can't add a new key into hash during iteration nahi (Hiroshi Nakamura) 02/03/2016 11:30 AM Actions
11728 Ruby trunk Bug Closed TestSocket#test_timestamp failure on Solaris 10 with -D_XOPEN_SOURCE=500 11/21/2015 04:19 PM Actions
11709 Ruby trunk Bug Closed TestSocket#test_udp_recvmsg_truncation failure on Solaris 10 11/18/2015 05:22 PM Actions
11697 Ruby trunk Bug Closed test/dtrace failure on Solaris 10 11/16/2015 12:38 PM Actions
11684 Ruby trunk Bug Closed Pack#unpack test failure on Solaris 10 with Oracle Solaris Studio 12.4 ngoto (Naohisa Goto) 12/19/2017 04:55 PM Actions
11645 Ruby trunk Bug Closed Since r52422, failed to compile parse.y on Solaris 10 with Oracle Solaris Studio 12.3 11/02/2015 05:10 PM Actions
11644 Ruby trunk Bug Closed Since r52055, TestMkmf::TestConvertible failed on Solaris 10 with fcc 11/06/2015 09:19 AM Actions
11487 Ruby trunk Bug Closed id_table.c compile error by fcc on Solaris 10 09/29/2015 08:42 AM Actions
11394 Ruby trunk Bug Closed Error in test/rinda/test_rinda.rb when IPv6 address is only ::1 assigned to the loopback device 07/24/2015 11:30 AM Actions
11353 Ruby trunk Bug Closed ASYNC BUG after failure of Process.exec when closing FD 3 (or 4 or 5) 07/15/2015 02:26 PM Actions
11350 Ruby trunk Bug Closed When Process.exec failed, redirections were still changed and not restored 07/16/2015 01:06 PM Actions
11336 Ruby trunk Bug Closed TestProcess#test_exec_fd_3_redirect failed on Solaris 10 08/14/2015 03:27 PM Actions
11288 Ruby trunk Bug Closed start_watchdog in test/lib/test/unit.rb is meaningless 06/22/2015 09:25 AM Actions
11277 Ruby trunk Bug Closed "code converter not found" error with multi-thread (high occurrence rate since r50887) 08/17/2015 07:23 AM Actions
11265 Ruby trunk Bug Closed deadlock on Solaris 10 since r50900 ngoto (Naohisa Goto) 06/30/2015 03:15 AM Actions
11245 Ruby trunk Bug Closed Build failure on Solaris 10 with gcc since r50804 06/30/2015 03:46 AM Actions
11243 Ruby trunk Bug Closed make install failed on Solaris10 06/30/2015 03:46 AM Actions
11225 Ruby trunk Bug Closed r50776 + r50780 + r50781 changes behavior on systems without HAVE_STRUCT_MSGHDR_MSG_CONTROL 06/30/2015 04:01 AM Actions
11224 Ruby trunk Bug Closed test/socket/test_nonblock.rb:266: [BUG] Segmentation fault at 0x00000000000008 on sparc Solaris 10 06/30/2015 04:02 AM Actions
11219 Ruby trunk Bug Closed bootstrap test failed on sparc Solaris since r50743 ko1 (Koichi Sasada) 06/30/2015 03:39 AM Actions
11217 Ruby trunk Bug Closed vm_method.c compile error by fcc on Solaris 10 ko1 (Koichi Sasada) 06/30/2015 04:03 AM Actions
11095 Ruby trunk Bug Closed severe performance regression since r50336 05/21/2015 01:42 AM Actions
11000 Ruby trunk Bug Closed r50071以降、Solarisにてext/-test-/file/fs.cのコンパイルができない 05/24/2015 03:46 PM Actions
10926 Ruby trunk Bug Closed r49760以降Solarisで--enable-sharedのビルドでsample/test.rb失敗 03/02/2015 04:06 PM Actions
10915 Ruby trunk Bug Closed Error in FTPTest#test_abort and test_status on Solaris 03/02/2015 03:07 AM Actions
10808 Ruby trunk Bug Closed r49451以降 Solarisにてruby-glommed.oの作成に失敗 02/18/2015 07:07 AM Actions
10646 Ruby trunk Bug Closed wmap_final_func の xrealloc で確保するメモリのサイズが1足りないためSEGV 03/30/2015 03:49 PM Actions
10384 Ruby trunk Bug Closed Fiddle::DLError: unknown symbol "Init_objspace" during Fiddle::TestHandle#test_NEXT and Fiddle::TestHandle#test_static_sym on Solaris 03/28/2016 05:50 PM Actions
10350 Ruby trunk Bug Closed compile error in bignum.c line 3297 with old fcc on Solaris ngoto (Naohisa Goto) 11/06/2014 02:20 PM Actions
10089 Ruby trunk Bug Closed build failure since r46924 nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada) 07/24/2014 12:14 PM Actions
10088 Ruby trunk Bug Closed Bus Error on Sparc Solaris since r46884 07/24/2014 07:13 AM Actions
10037 Ruby trunk Bug Closed Since r46798 on Solaris, "[BUG] rb_vm_get_cref: unreachable" during make ko1 (Koichi Sasada) 07/21/2015 10:53 PM Actions
10020 Ruby trunk Bug Closed TestEnv#test_memory_leak_*, Fiddle::TestPointer#test_no_memory_leak, and Test_StringModifyExpand#test_modify_expand_memory_leak on Solaris 07/15/2014 04:06 AM Actions
10010 Ruby trunk Bug Closed Error in TestEnv#test_memory_leak_* on Solaris nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada) 07/09/2014 11:32 AM Actions
10004 Ruby trunk Bug Closed lack of "http 80/tcp" in /etc/inet/services in Solaris 10 causes error during make test-all 10/28/2015 03:47 PM Actions
9789 Ruby trunk Bug Closed Error in TestIO#test_seek_symwhence and TestIO#test_seek on systems without File::Statfs#type (e.g. Solaris) ngoto (Naohisa Goto) 05/02/2014 03:21 AM Actions
9788 Ruby trunk Bug Closed TestFile#test_statfs = Bad System Call on Solaris 07/02/2014 07:17 AM Actions
9752 Ruby trunk Bug Closed r45598 causes Errno::EINVAL on Solaris nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada) 07/02/2014 07:10 AM Actions
9702 Ruby trunk Bug Closed r45488以降、SolarisStudioで ext/readline がコンパイルエラー(readline 6.2使用) 05/01/2014 12:00 PM Actions
9698 Ruby trunk Bug Closed r45509以降、Solarisにて configureが thread model is missing でエラー nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada) 08/25/2014 03:06 PM Actions
9571 Ruby trunk Bug Closed "Error: TestFileUtils#test_rmdir: Errno::EEXIST: File exists @ dir_s_rmdir - data" on Solaris 08/31/2014 07:24 AM Actions
9558 Ruby trunk Bug Closed Bus Error on Sparc in r45155 due to __attribute__((packed)) 02/24/2014 11:19 AM Actions
9436 Ruby trunk Bug Closed r44670以降Solaris10でthread_pthread.cがコンパイルエラー 02/05/2014 02:58 AM Actions
9257 Ruby trunk Bug Closed flock OS dependency problem in RubyGems drbrain (Eric Hodel) 12/19/2013 12:05 PM Actions
8901 Ruby trunk Bug Closed "-lgmp: not found" でlibruby-static.a 作成に失敗する nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada) 09/12/2013 09:47 PM Actions
8810 Ruby trunk Bug Open GDBM.open内で処理がブロックしたらTimeout.timeout が効かない 08/24/2013 08:29 AM Actions
8790 Ruby trunk Bug Feedback r41424 以降、Solaris と gdbm 1.1.10 にて TestGDBM#test_s_open_lock が終わらない nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada) 08/12/2014 04:08 AM Actions
8655 Ruby trunk Bug Closed シンボル名 Init_pack が複数ファイルで定義されている 07/19/2013 01:07 AM Actions
8524 Ruby trunk Bug Closed r40755以降 No rule to make target `.ext/include/sparc64-solaris2.10/ruby/config.h でビルドできない nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada) 06/17/2013 12:59 PM Actions
7591 Ruby trunk Bug Closed SEGV on sparc Solaris10 when Marshal.dump 12/19/2012 11:47 PM Actions
7543 Ruby trunk Bug Closed DL::Function#bound? and unbind raise error when Fiddle is available 12/12/2012 12:24 AM Actions
7529 Ruby trunk Bug Rejected キーワード引数を使うと最後のほうの通常の引数にハッシュを渡せない? 12/07/2012 03:33 AM Actions
7514 Ruby trunk Bug Closed DL::Function and DL::Importer#bind_function ignores abi and name when Fiddle is available ngoto (Naohisa Goto) 12/12/2012 12:12 AM Actions
7484 Ruby trunk Bug Closed Fiddle::Importer incompatibility with DL::Importer tenderlovemaking (Aaron Patterson) 12/04/2012 06:00 PM Actions
7483 Ruby trunk Bug Closed Fiddle::Function::STDCALL is never defined even on WIN32 tenderlovemaking (Aaron Patterson) 12/01/2012 12:57 AM Actions
7463 Ruby trunk Bug Closed OpenSSL::TestSSL#test_npn_* fail with "string contains null byte" on big-endian machines MartinBosslet (Martin Bosslet) 11/29/2012 10:54 PM Actions
7451 Ruby trunk Bug Closed r37911 breaks build on non gcc or non IA-32 platforms naruse (Yui NARUSE) 11/28/2012 03:29 PM Actions
7287 Ruby trunk Bug Closed please rename atomic.h which conflicts with /usr/include/atomic.h in Solaris10 ngoto (Naohisa Goto) 11/10/2012 01:14 AM Actions
7247 Ruby trunk Bug Closed r37079以降Solaris10でthread_pthread.cがコンパイルエラー 11/01/2012 07:47 PM Actions
6689 Ruby trunk Bug Closed r36284: symbol referenceng error: atomic_swap_long in Solaris 07/04/2012 12:29 PM Actions
6591 Ruby trunk Bug Third Party's Issue r35101以降、古いfccで拡張ライブラリのコンパイルに失敗 06/14/2012 03:37 PM Actions
6584 Ruby trunk Bug Closed Segmentation fault in DL::TestFunc#test_qsort1 on sparc Solaris10 ngoto (Naohisa Goto) 06/13/2012 10:52 PM Actions
6027 Ruby trunk Bug Closed Failure: test_modify_expand_memory_leak(Test_StringModifyExpand) 02/15/2012 05:13 AM Actions
5762 Ruby trunk Bug Closed Bug#4178 が sparc Solaris 10 + Oracle Solaris Studio 12.2 で再発 12/19/2011 02:13 AM Actions
5535 Ruby trunk Bug Closed test/psych/test_yamldbm.rb, test/syck/test_yamldbm.rb のDBM内部構造の順序に依存したテストがFailure 11/02/2011 12:52 AM Actions
5475 Ruby trunk Bug Closed r33507以降SolarisでPTYが使えない 10/25/2011 11:23 AM Actions
5469 Ruby trunk Bug Closed Bus Error when accessing NAN and INFINITY ngoto (Naohisa Goto) 10/22/2011 02:35 AM Actions
5464 Ruby trunk Bug Closed compile error in vm_eval.c ngoto (Naohisa Goto) 10/20/2011 09:35 PM Actions
5439 Ruby trunk Bug Closed r33361以降sample/test.rb:systemがFになる 10/13/2011 06:04 PM Actions
5222 Ruby trunk Bug Closed test_script_from_stdin のエラー ngoto (Naohisa Goto) 08/25/2011 01:23 AM Actions
5168 Ruby trunk Bug Closed libc and libm path in test/dl and test/fiddle on Solaris ngoto (Naohisa Goto) 08/09/2011 12:56 PM Actions
5160 Ruby trunk Bug Closed Float::INFINITY and Float::NAN incorrect in big endian architecture ngoto (Naohisa Goto) 08/05/2011 10:28 PM Actions
5159 Ruby trunk Bug Closed r32777のためSolaris上のgcc-4.4でCFLAGS="-std=gnu99"のときコンパイルエラー ngoto (Naohisa Goto) 08/05/2011 04:03 PM Actions
4998 Ruby trunk Bug Closed addr2line.c with SunStudio (Oracle Solaris Studio) cc 07/08/2011 09:23 PM Actions
4977 Ruby trunk Bug Closed CFLAGSやLDFLAGSの-m64が消されるためsparc64(sparc v9)バイナリ作成不能 nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada) 07/16/2011 05:29 PM Actions
2118 Ruby trunk Bug Closed SUN の cc (SunStudio11 C 5.8 コンパイラ) で dir.c のコンパイルに失敗する 04/30/2011 10:03 PM Actions
1977 Ruby trunk Bug Closed test failed in test_isdigit in test/dl/test_func.rb on sparc-solaris-2.10 (64bit) tenderlovemaking (Aaron Patterson) 04/30/2011 10:03 PM Actions
1967 Ruby trunk Bug Rejected Segmentation fault at test_qsort1 and test_qsort2 in test/dl/test_func.rb running on sparc-solaris-2.10 tenderlovemaking (Aaron Patterson) 04/30/2011 10:03 PM Actions
1919 Ruby trunk Bug Closed sparc-solaris-2.10 で 1.9.2-preview1 がビルドできない matz (Yukihiro Matsumoto) 04/30/2011 10:03 PM Actions
1878 Ruby trunk Bug Closed testrb can not execute tests in sub directory 04/30/2011 10:03 PM Actions
984 Ruby trunk Bug Closed Test::Unit::Assertions#assert_match double counts number of assertions 04/30/2011 10:03 PM Actions
899 Ruby trunk Bug Closed matrix.rb: warning: shadowing outer local variable 04/30/2011 10:03 PM Actions
898 Ruby trunk Bug Closed Test::Unit::Assertions#assert_nothing_raised does not increment number of assertions akr (Akira Tanaka) 04/30/2011 10:03 PM Actions
821 Ruby trunk Bug Rejected uninitialized constant Test::Unit::AutoRunner matz (Yukihiro Matsumoto) 04/30/2011 10:03 PM Actions
7518 Ruby trunk Feature Assigned Fiddle::Pointer#to_str and Fiddle::Pointer#to_int should be removed tenderlovemaking (Aaron Patterson) 08/15/2013 04:56 AM Actions
9531 Backport193 Backport Closed please backport r34605 02/22/2014 01:02 AM Actions
9530 Backport193 Backport Closed r44946 introduces compile error in Solaris 02/18/2014 02:16 PM Actions
8228 Backport193 Backport Closed atomic_ops unavailable on Solaris 9 or earlier usa (Usaku NAKAMURA) 05/14/2013 11:23 AM Actions
8227 Backport200 Backport Closed addr2line.c compile error on Solaris since r39887 nagachika (Tomoyuki Chikanaga) 04/12/2013 02:33 AM Actions
8150 Backport200 Backport Closed Backport r39860 nagachika (Tomoyuki Chikanaga) 04/12/2013 04:23 AM Actions
7552 Backport193 Backport Closed please backport Fiddle and DL bug fixes 12/20/2012 06:45 PM Actions
7516 Backport193 Backport Closed DL::Function#bind causes SEGV when Fiddle is available usa (Usaku NAKAMURA) 12/20/2012 06:36 PM Actions
5967 Backport193 Backport Closed Backport r33049 (test_script_from_stdin のエラー) 02/08/2012 10:51 AM Actions
5878 Backport193 Backport Closed compile error in string.c:2096 since r34236 usa (Usaku NAKAMURA) 04/11/2013 11:22 AM Actions
5636 Backport193 Backport Closed Re: Continuation causes Bus Error on Debian sparc 01/03/2012 07:14 PM Actions
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