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16266 Ruby master Bug Rejected Additional empty folders created in lib/ruby/gems/2.7.0/gems by make install hsbt (Hiroshi SHIBATA) 04/20/2020 10:27 PM Actions
15359 Ruby master Bug Closed Bundler help is not properly integrated hsbt (Hiroshi SHIBATA) 04/20/2020 10:25 PM Actions
16337 Ruby master Bug Third Party's Issue kernel_gem.rb:68 - ThreadError hsbt (Hiroshi SHIBATA) 04/08/2020 09:32 AM Actions
16148 Ruby master Bug Third Party's Issue is not sending email notifications for watched issues hsbt (Hiroshi SHIBATA) 04/03/2020 06:35 PM Actions
16279 Ruby master Bug Closed Backport 463092b8 hsbt (Hiroshi SHIBATA) 03/30/2020 09:27 PM Actions
16195 Ruby master Bug Closed Invalid certificate on hsbt (Hiroshi SHIBATA) 03/27/2020 10:59 PM Actions
13724 Ruby master Bug Closed make install does not install bundled gems hsbt (Hiroshi SHIBATA) 03/14/2020 11:08 AM Actions
15605 Ruby master Feature Closed json library needs more frequent releases hsbt (Hiroshi SHIBATA) 03/03/2020 08:17 PM Actions
15851 Ruby master Misc Closed stdlib extension gems - building/testing on Windows hsbt (Hiroshi SHIBATA) 02/14/2020 11:37 AM Actions
16484 Ruby master Feature Closed Remove xmlrpc and net-telnet from bundled gems hsbt (Hiroshi SHIBATA) 01/16/2020 07:57 AM Actions
16485 Ruby master Feature Closed Make rexml, rss to the bundled gems hsbt (Hiroshi SHIBATA) 01/12/2020 03:28 AM Actions
16447 Ruby master Misc Closed Merge JSON doc updates? hsbt (Hiroshi SHIBATA) 01/06/2020 06:22 AM Actions
14160 Ruby master Bug Closed JSON#generate documentation wrong/misleading hsbt (Hiroshi SHIBATA) 01/06/2020 06:18 AM Actions
15982 Ruby master Feature Closed Remove y2racc and racc2y hsbt (Hiroshi SHIBATA) 12/31/2019 10:47 PM Actions
16170 Ruby master Feature Closed Remove the unmaintained libraries from Ruby 2.7 hsbt (Hiroshi SHIBATA) 12/29/2019 12:19 PM Actions
16449 Ruby master Bug Closed Bundler is 2.1.1 in master, not 2.1.2 ? hsbt (Hiroshi SHIBATA) 12/25/2019 12:38 AM Actions
14632 Ruby master Misc Closed [ANN] hsbt (Hiroshi SHIBATA) 12/16/2019 10:18 PM Actions
15528 Ruby master Bug Closed Bundler stdlib is not documented hsbt (Hiroshi SHIBATA) 10/26/2019 11:54 AM Actions
12667 Ruby master Bug Closed full_gem_path is incorrect for core modules hsbt (Hiroshi SHIBATA) 10/18/2019 12:56 AM Actions
16238 Ruby master Bug Closed Publish new WEBrick version to hsbt (Hiroshi SHIBATA) 10/04/2019 03:34 PM Actions
15775 Ruby master Bug Closed Update broken URL in Float documentation hsbt (Hiroshi SHIBATA) 08/26/2019 02:39 PM Actions
9529 Ruby master Bug Third Party's Issue TarHeader (Gem::Package) doesn't parse size correctly for +8GB entries hsbt (Hiroshi SHIBATA) 07/30/2019 08:13 PM Actions
6702 Ruby master Bug Rejected Date should be either required or not hsbt (Hiroshi SHIBATA) 07/30/2019 09:38 AM Actions
13834 Ruby master Bug Closed RubyGems test suite occasionally changes working directory and breaks the rest of test suite hsbt (Hiroshi SHIBATA) 07/26/2019 09:34 PM Actions
15581 Ruby master Feature Rejected Split tool/* files to tool and script directories hsbt (Hiroshi SHIBATA) 07/15/2019 01:41 AM Actions
12764 Ruby master Bug Closed rubygems with multi default gem problem hsbt (Hiroshi SHIBATA) 06/26/2019 01:30 AM Actions
9456 Ruby master Feature Closed Include bin/racc with ruby hsbt (Hiroshi SHIBATA) 06/20/2019 07:37 AM Actions
15907 Ruby master Bug Closed gem bin stub commands are failing hsbt (Hiroshi SHIBATA) 06/09/2019 10:35 PM Actions
15890 Ruby master Bug Closed is not deterministic hsbt (Hiroshi SHIBATA) 06/02/2019 05:00 AM Actions
14158 Ruby master Feature Closed Update racc library with changes from upstream hsbt (Hiroshi SHIBATA) 05/13/2019 12:18 PM Actions
15384 Ruby master Bug Closed ssl_certs are duplicated in RubyGems and Bundler hsbt (Hiroshi SHIBATA) 04/21/2019 03:11 AM Actions
9006 Ruby master Misc Rejected build and host binary rubies hsbt (Hiroshi SHIBATA) 04/20/2019 09:29 AM Actions
14210 Ruby master Misc Rejected maintain net/protocol, net/smtp, tempfile, tmpdir hsbt (Hiroshi SHIBATA) 04/02/2019 09:52 AM Actions
15610 Ruby master Misc Rejected Could bundler & rubygems be shipped in site_ruby? hsbt (Hiroshi SHIBATA) 03/22/2019 03:32 PM Actions
15336 Ruby master Misc Rejected Duplicate builds on travis-ci? hsbt (Hiroshi SHIBATA) 03/20/2019 12:11 PM Actions
15582 Ruby master Bug Closed default/bundler-1.17.2.gemspec has no file list hsbt (Hiroshi SHIBATA) 03/14/2019 05:21 PM Actions
11472 Ruby master Bug Rejected Some default gems are not installed if GEM_HOME is set during Ruby installation hsbt (Hiroshi SHIBATA) 03/13/2019 12:27 AM Actions
15652 Ruby master Bug Rejected Profiler__ is not working correctly (ruby 2.6) hsbt (Hiroshi SHIBATA) 03/11/2019 11:34 AM Actions
15415 Ruby master Feature Closed [PATCH] fileutils (mv): fall back to copy + unlink on EPERM hsbt (Hiroshi SHIBATA) 03/11/2019 09:52 AM Actions
13905 Ruby master Bug Rejected files in gemspec hsbt (Hiroshi SHIBATA) 03/11/2019 07:47 AM Actions
14747 Ruby master Bug Closed uninitialized constant Gem::PathSupport hsbt (Hiroshi SHIBATA) 03/11/2019 06:24 AM Actions
10547 Ruby master Misc Rejected How to move the ruby project to git hsbt (Hiroshi SHIBATA) 03/08/2019 12:12 PM Actions
15611 Ruby master Feature Rejected Shipping Bundler as a bundled gem, not a default gem hsbt (Hiroshi SHIBATA) 03/08/2019 11:53 AM Actions
15622 Ruby master Bug Rejected Default version of Bundler incorrectly invoked when using binstubs hsbt (Hiroshi SHIBATA) 03/08/2019 11:41 AM Actions
15469 Ruby master Bug Closed Ruby2.6 included `bundler` does not handle specified `csv` gem. hsbt (Hiroshi SHIBATA) 03/06/2019 07:47 AM Actions
11084 Ruby master Feature Rejected Use rb-readline instead of ext/readline hsbt (Hiroshi SHIBATA) 03/05/2019 11:48 AM Actions
15503 Ruby master Bug Third Party's Issue Error in Ruby 2.6 when trying to shell out to invoke `irb` while in a `bundle exec` session hsbt (Hiroshi SHIBATA) 02/17/2019 12:11 PM Actions
15603 Ruby master Bug Third Party's Issue Use of undeclared identifier 'errno' when building 2.6.1 hsbt (Hiroshi SHIBATA) 02/14/2019 05:18 AM Actions
15530 Ruby master Misc Closed [ANN] Upgrading to Redmine 4.0 hsbt (Hiroshi SHIBATA) 02/05/2019 12:50 PM Actions
15280 Ruby master Bug Closed r65509 - bundler & make install, no CLI hsbt (Hiroshi SHIBATA) 02/05/2019 12:40 PM Actions
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