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7485 Ruby master Bug Closed ruby cannot build on mingw32 or FreeBSD 8 due to missing __sync_val_compare_and_swap drbrain (Eric Hodel) 12/15/2012 06:36 AM Actions
7496 Ruby master Bug Closed incorrect base_dir for default gemspecs drbrain (Eric Hodel) 12/09/2012 09:11 AM Actions
7524 Ruby master Bug Closed rdoc hangs upon encountering fraktur characters drbrain (Eric Hodel) 12/09/2012 06:20 AM Actions
7386 Ruby master Bug Closed test_signal_propagation_in_tests is failed before make install drbrain (Eric Hodel) 12/06/2012 04:44 PM Actions
7509 Ruby master Bug Closed Error installing gem on clean system drbrain (Eric Hodel) 12/06/2012 02:13 PM Actions
7367 Ruby master Bug Closed toooo many test failures after rake 0.9.4 is imported drbrain (Eric Hodel) 12/06/2012 01:42 PM Actions
7427 Ruby master Feature Closed Update Rubygems drbrain (Eric Hodel) 12/01/2012 12:52 PM Actions
7426 Ruby master Feature Closed Update Rdoc drbrain (Eric Hodel) 12/01/2012 06:38 AM Actions
7449 Ruby master Bug Closed Rdoc for obj.object_id drbrain (Eric Hodel) 11/29/2012 05:15 PM Actions
3022 Ruby master Bug Closed What are $. and ARGF.lineno ? drbrain (Eric Hodel) 11/28/2012 08:57 AM Actions
7258 Ruby master Feature Rejected Update Rdoc drbrain (Eric Hodel) 11/24/2012 12:44 PM Actions
7257 Ruby master Feature Rejected Update Rubygems drbrain (Eric Hodel) 11/24/2012 10:40 AM Actions
6523 Ruby master Bug Closed typos/display errors in Regexp.html page drbrain (Eric Hodel) 11/22/2012 04:33 PM Actions
5341 Ruby master Feature Closed Add SSL session reuse to Net::HTTP drbrain (Eric Hodel) 11/22/2012 04:30 PM Actions
6978 Ruby master Bug Closed RDoc does not convert <Ruby_element>@<paragraph_name> to hyperlinks drbrain (Eric Hodel) 11/19/2012 08:27 AM Actions
7256 Ruby master Feature Closed Update Rake drbrain (Eric Hodel) 11/17/2012 10:20 AM Actions
7305 Ruby master Bug Closed BigDecimal documentation drbrain (Eric Hodel) 11/09/2012 04:09 PM Actions
7230 Ruby master Bug Closed Updating Documentation for Dir::glob drbrain (Eric Hodel) 11/03/2012 01:47 PM Actions
6548 Ruby master Bug Closed Rake doesn't ignore arguments after -- drbrain (Eric Hodel) 10/19/2012 09:23 PM Actions
6692 Ruby master Bug Closed TestSocket::test_udp_server always fails on OS X with Back to my Mac enabled drbrain (Eric Hodel) 10/19/2012 03:06 PM Actions
7160 Ruby master Bug Closed "gem rdoc" command outputs a wealth of warnings drbrain (Eric Hodel) 10/15/2012 03:59 AM Actions
7099 Ruby master Bug Closed Fixing some grammar in thread.c docs drbrain (Eric Hodel) 10/07/2012 04:51 AM Actions
6530 Ruby master Feature Closed Improve Racc documentation coverage drbrain (Eric Hodel) 09/20/2012 10:45 AM Actions
6872 Ruby master Bug Closed Array does not specify how it determines uniqueness of values drbrain (Eric Hodel) 09/14/2012 04:08 AM Actions
6908 Ruby master Bug Closed Update Documentation for Select and reject drbrain (Eric Hodel) 09/14/2012 03:32 AM Actions
4163 Ruby master Bug Closed RubyGems uses deprecated API: YAML.quick_emit. drbrain (Eric Hodel) 07/31/2012 09:55 AM Actions
6749 Ruby master Bug Closed rdoc of Time class (incorrect explanation of leap seconds) drbrain (Eric Hodel) 07/26/2012 07:23 PM Actions
6723 Ruby master Bug Closed Global variable scoping problem. drbrain (Eric Hodel) 07/25/2012 06:50 AM Actions
6665 Ruby master Bug Closed Import RubyGems 1.8.24 into trunk drbrain (Eric Hodel) 07/24/2012 09:34 AM Actions
6719 Ruby master Bug Closed Documentation Error for String.sub() drbrain (Eric Hodel) 07/24/2012 07:03 AM Actions
6759 Ruby master Bug Closed rdoc for Logger class (improve example) drbrain (Eric Hodel) 07/21/2012 08:41 AM Actions
6494 Ruby master Feature Closed Send Accept-Encoding for all HTTP requests drbrain (Eric Hodel) 07/20/2012 07:43 AM Actions
6743 Ruby master Bug Closed Add documentation for debug library drbrain (Eric Hodel) 07/18/2012 11:07 AM Actions
6738 Ruby master Bug Closed Typos / corrections in rdoc for Logger library drbrain (Eric Hodel) 07/18/2012 09:27 AM Actions
6706 Ruby master Bug Closed Improve documentation for Continuation drbrain (Eric Hodel) 07/14/2012 05:31 PM Actions
6666 Ruby master Bug Closed Documentation Improve - rdoc does not know where rb_obj_methods is (#methods) drbrain (Eric Hodel) 07/12/2012 06:07 PM Actions
4756 Ruby master Bug Closed Cleanup and enhance docs for PTY (patch included) drbrain (Eric Hodel) 07/12/2012 06:07 PM Actions
6680 Ruby master Bug Closed Unclear rdoc for Array and String slicing drbrain (Eric Hodel) 07/06/2012 06:54 AM Actions
6619 Ruby master Bug Closed Fixed Typo in eval.c GH#131 drbrain (Eric Hodel) 06/22/2012 05:56 AM Actions
6544 Ruby master Bug Closed Broken links on lib/drb references documentation drbrain (Eric Hodel) 06/14/2012 06:21 AM Actions
6536 Ruby master Bug Closed Fix broken links for Programming Ruby book drbrain (Eric Hodel) 06/14/2012 06:18 AM Actions
6488 Ruby master Bug Closed String#slice example has a syntax error drbrain (Eric Hodel) 06/13/2012 05:14 AM Actions
6522 Ruby master Feature Closed Migrate extconf.rb documentation from README.EXT to MakeMakefile drbrain (Eric Hodel) 06/09/2012 08:21 AM Actions
6529 Ruby master Bug Closed missing words in description of =~ operator for Regexp drbrain (Eric Hodel) 06/09/2012 08:17 AM Actions
6553 Ruby master Bug Closed confusing use of "p " in String#start_with? documentation drbrain (Eric Hodel) 06/09/2012 08:09 AM Actions
6533 Ruby master Bug Closed Benchmark documenation formatting bug and consistency drbrain (Eric Hodel) 06/09/2012 07:57 AM Actions
6534 Ruby master Feature Closed Delegator documentation for the bang operator drbrain (Eric Hodel) 06/09/2012 07:47 AM Actions
6480 Ruby master Feature Closed [PATCH] Add HTTP status codes from RFC 6585 drbrain (Eric Hodel) 06/09/2012 07:40 AM Actions
6525 Ruby master Bug Closed misleading example in Permformance section of Regexp documentation? drbrain (Eric Hodel) 06/02/2012 07:13 AM Actions
6524 Ruby master Bug Closed missing "#=>" in example block in Regexp class documentation drbrain (Eric Hodel) 06/02/2012 06:35 AM Actions
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