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9758 Ruby master Feature Closed Allow setting SSLContext#extra_chain_cert in Net::HTTP openssl 05/12/2020 03:56 AM Actions
15268 Ruby master Bug Closed Solarisでtest/drb/test_drbssl.rbが落ちる openssl 12/10/2019 12:46 PM Actions
10098 Ruby master Feature Closed [PATCH] Timing-safe string comparison for OpenSSL::HMAC openssl 10/21/2019 02:09 AM Actions
9822 Ruby master Bug Closed Ruby doesn't respect system OpenSSL configuration openssl 10/08/2019 12:28 AM Actions
16156 Ruby master Misc Closed Enhancements to doc for class Exception zzak (Zachary Scott) 09/09/2019 10:30 PM Actions
10691 Ruby master Bug Closed Bad or Non-existent class names listed on 'Index of Files, Classes & Methods in Ruby' page. zzak (Zachary Scott) 08/12/2019 05:01 PM Actions
9833 Ruby master Bug Closed OpenSSL::X509::Certificate#inspect がわかりにくくなっている openssl 08/11/2019 06:23 PM Actions
9712 Ruby master Bug Closed Dir.entries replace Unicode character with questionmarks zzak (Zachary Scott) 08/11/2019 05:49 PM Actions
12252 Ruby master Bug Closed Clarify Thread exception handling documentation. docs 07/24/2019 06:59 PM Actions
12045 Ruby master Bug Closed Add documentation lib/debug.rb zzak (Zachary Scott) 07/24/2019 05:19 PM Actions
10303 Ruby master Bug Closed rb_data_type_t need to be described in README.EXT zzak (Zachary Scott) 07/22/2019 09:53 PM Actions
10239 Ruby master Bug Closed Regexp.quote() and default encoding zzak (Zachary Scott) 07/22/2019 09:49 PM Actions
10110 Ruby master Bug Closed Exception handling is not well documented zzak (Zachary Scott) 07/22/2019 09:11 PM Actions
9998 Ruby master Bug Closed docs state that define_singleton_method returns a proc if passed a block zzak (Zachary Scott) 07/22/2019 04:13 AM Actions
9574 Ruby master Bug Closed Inconsistent behavior between Kernel#Float and to_f zzak (Zachary Scott) 07/22/2019 03:59 AM Actions
9266 Ruby master Bug Closed dead links to rubyforge zzak (Zachary Scott) 07/20/2019 03:47 AM Actions
9138 Ruby master Bug Closed make initialize_copy private zzak (Zachary Scott) 07/19/2019 08:32 PM Actions
8905 Ruby master Misc Closed Add documentation to semantics of method default arguments zzak (Zachary Scott) 07/19/2019 06:40 PM Actions
8952 Ruby master Bug Closed [DOC] required keyword arguments zzak (Zachary Scott) 07/19/2019 06:40 PM Actions
8720 Ruby master Bug Closed ECB mode seems to be broken openssl 07/18/2019 09:44 PM Actions
6493 Ruby master Bug Closed OpenSSL::SSL ignores DN if subjectAltName is specified openssl 07/15/2019 05:02 AM Actions
15210 Ruby master Bug Closed UTF-8 BOM should be removed from String in internal representation docs 06/13/2019 09:16 AM Actions
11639 Ruby master Feature Closed Refactor some description of `Forwardable` docs 01/20/2019 04:38 AM Actions
14450 Ruby master Bug Closed Enchance MatchData docs docs 12/12/2018 06:22 AM Actions
6234 Ruby master Bug Closed Incomplete code in ossl_pkey_ec.c openssl 11/22/2018 04:27 AM Actions
14483 Ruby master Bug Closed Enchance Method docs docs 10/21/2018 03:33 PM Actions
14436 Ruby master Bug Closed Enchance yield_self docs docs 10/21/2018 03:24 PM Actions
13598 Ruby master Bug Closed mutex_m: Missing info in the doc docs 10/21/2018 07:04 AM Actions
10836 Ruby master Misc Closed Add Documentation to Regexp docs 10/21/2018 06:42 AM Actions
13972 Ruby master Bug Closed [PATCH] document File.{setuid?,setgid?,sticky?} support for IO objects docs 10/20/2018 11:47 AM Actions
15019 Ruby master Bug Closed Documentation for Net::HTTP claims that multipart/form-data is not supported docs 10/20/2018 11:09 AM Actions
7215 Ruby master Bug Closed Remaining messages on OpenSSL error queue after Certificate#verify openssl 05/19/2018 05:27 AM Actions
11033 Ruby master Bug Closed OpenSSL related threading issues in Ruby 2.1 and 2.2 openssl 02/17/2018 05:58 AM Actions
11774 Ruby master Bug Third Party's Issue produces ArgumentError on invalid passphrases openssl 11/10/2017 04:33 AM Actions
12630 Ruby master Bug Rejected add gem sources errors on Ruby 2.4.0-preview1 openssl 11/10/2017 04:28 AM Actions
6227 Ruby master Bug Closed [mingw] openssl backport causing test error openssl 11/10/2017 04:27 AM Actions
9817 Ruby master Bug Closed The extconf.rb for OpenSSL assumes MingW openssl 11/10/2017 04:26 AM Actions
9642 Ruby master Feature Third Party's Issue Allow CCM as an authenticated encryption mode in OpenSSL::Cipher openssl 11/10/2017 04:20 AM Actions
6252 Ruby master Bug Rejected OpenSSL - ECDSA signature reliability openssl 11/10/2017 04:07 AM Actions
5659 Ruby master Bug Rejected bug releasing a gem created with rails 3.1 openssl 11/10/2017 04:05 AM Actions
4418 Ruby master Bug Rejected OpenSSL::PKey::DH#public_key openssl 11/10/2017 04:05 AM Actions
10630 Ruby master Bug Third Party's Issue ERB tags nested in escaped blocks are skipped ruby-core 11/09/2017 07:10 PM Actions
12637 Ruby master Feature Rejected Unified and consistent method naming for safe and dangerous methods ruby-core 09/21/2017 07:25 AM Actions
8221 Ruby master Bug Closed 2 AES-128-GCM (probably same in AES-256-GCM) bug? openssl 07/05/2017 07:08 AM Actions
9294 Ruby master Bug Closed Documentation for IO#read claims resulting string is always ASCII-8BIT encoding zzak (Zachary Scott) 05/09/2017 02:51 PM Actions
11752 Ruby master Bug Closed Bug in Rational documentation zzak (Zachary Scott) 03/25/2017 05:34 PM Actions
9127 Ruby master Bug Closed URI::Generic#normalize documentation is vague. zzak (Zachary Scott) 03/19/2017 03:01 PM Actions
9829 Ruby master Bug Closed Contradictions in docs for FileUtils::ln (and related functions) zzak (Zachary Scott) 03/12/2017 06:30 PM Actions
9989 Ruby master Bug Closed Docs give wrong information for sort block return values zzak (Zachary Scott) 03/04/2017 01:26 PM Actions
10125 Ruby master Bug Closed Array#sort and #sort! documentation issue zzak (Zachary Scott) 03/02/2017 01:01 PM Actions
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