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16780 Ruby master Bug Closed Net::FTP PUT command issuing Net::ReadTimeout too quickly shugo (Shugo Maeda) 05/19/2020 08:49 AM Actions
14051 Ruby master Bug Closed net/imap issue on idle method with an empty block shugo (Shugo Maeda) 10/17/2019 11:52 PM Actions
15964 Ruby master Feature Closed Support for RFC2389 in Net::FTP shugo (Shugo Maeda) 09/04/2019 04:08 AM Actions
9895 Ruby master Bug Closed net/imap stops responding when trying to create a message to an unexisting folder shugo (Shugo Maeda) 07/22/2019 07:01 PM Actions
15594 Ruby master Feature Closed [PATCH] net/imap: support SNI shugo (Shugo Maeda) 04/09/2019 11:35 PM Actions
14998 Ruby master Bug Closed Race conditions in MonitorMixin when interrupted shugo (Shugo Maeda) 11/28/2018 01:51 AM Actions
15318 Ruby master Bug Rejected net/imap socket backward compatibility broken in ruby 2.5+ shugo (Shugo Maeda) 11/20/2018 02:13 AM Actions
14703 Ruby master Feature Closed [PATCH] net/imap: set SO_KEEPALIVE on TCP sockets shugo (Shugo Maeda) 04/22/2018 09:21 PM Actions
14232 Ruby master Bug Closed Unused refinement still breaks method search shugo (Shugo Maeda) 02/21/2018 06:16 AM Actions
13649 Ruby master Bug Closed Net::IMAP doesn't support response from a Microsoft Exchange server (which is not compliant with RFC standards) shugo (Shugo Maeda) 01/31/2018 11:26 AM Actions
13382 Ruby master Feature Rejected [PATCH] Options for FTP PORT command shugo (Shugo Maeda) 12/04/2017 08:15 AM Actions
13271 Ruby master Bug Closed Clarifications on refinement spec shugo (Shugo Maeda) 12/03/2017 08:35 AM Actions
13741 Ruby master Bug Closed A documentation bug of IO#putc shugo (Shugo Maeda) 12/03/2017 08:10 AM Actions
10630 Ruby master Bug Third Party's Issue ERB tags nested in escaped blocks are skipped ruby-core 11/09/2017 07:10 PM Actions
12637 Ruby master Feature Rejected Unified and consistent method naming for safe and dangerous methods ruby-core 09/21/2017 07:25 AM Actions
13109 Ruby master Feature Rejected `using` in refinements is required to be physically placed before the refined method call shugo (Shugo Maeda) 09/09/2017 02:06 AM Actions
13825 Ruby master Bug Closed IMAPTest#test_starttls hangs shugo (Shugo Maeda) 08/18/2017 05:16 AM Actions
12678 Ruby master Bug Closed No way to set a timeout for TLS handshake when using Net::SMTP shugo (Shugo Maeda) 08/09/2017 08:10 AM Actions
10119 Ruby master Feature Closed [PATCH] [net/imap] Add CHANGEDSINCE FETCH modifier + complementary add MODSEQ Message Data Item in FETCH Command shugo (Shugo Maeda) 07/26/2017 07:48 AM Actions
13389 Ruby master Feature Closed [PATCH] POP3 support timeout for TLS handshake shugo (Shugo Maeda) 07/19/2017 11:39 PM Actions
13280 Ruby master Bug Rejected net/ftp: Putbinaryfile (on Windows) requires blocksize equal to file size shugo (Shugo Maeda) 07/19/2017 09:59 PM Actions
13579 Ruby master Bug Closed Net::IMAP#append blocks when a NO response is received shugo (Shugo Maeda) 05/23/2017 05:44 AM Actions
13582 Ruby master Bug Closed IMAPTest#test_append_fail always errors on Windows shugo (Shugo Maeda) 05/22/2017 04:15 PM Actions
13236 Ruby master Bug Closed Ruby segfault shugo (Shugo Maeda) 05/09/2017 03:06 PM Actions
13379 Ruby master Feature Closed [PATCH] safe IMAP connections shugo (Shugo Maeda) 05/03/2017 11:35 AM Actions
13141 Ruby master Bug Third Party's Issue Spurious Net::FTPReplyError shugo (Shugo Maeda) 04/18/2017 09:14 PM Actions
12576 Ruby master Bug Closed SEGV when interrupting tail recursion shugo (Shugo Maeda) 11/05/2016 04:42 PM Actions
12375 Ruby master Feature Closed shugo (Shugo Maeda) 11/05/2016 02:50 PM Actions
11186 Ruby master Bug Closed Can't refine aliases in subclasses shugo (Shugo Maeda) 11/05/2016 03:01 AM Actions
12534 Ruby master Feature Closed Refinements: refine modules as well shugo (Shugo Maeda) 09/23/2016 11:46 AM Actions
10103 Ruby master Bug Closed Unable to refine class with CONSTANT shugo (Shugo Maeda) 09/08/2016 04:44 AM Actions
12557 Ruby master Bug Closed backport r55581 (Net::HTTP should raise error when CR/LF in a request line) shugo (Shugo Maeda) 08/15/2016 08:00 PM Actions
12556 Ruby master Bug Closed backport r55579 (Net::FTP should raise error when CR/LF in a line) shugo (Shugo Maeda) 08/15/2016 07:56 PM Actions
12491 Ruby master Bug Closed TestRefinement#test_prepend_after_refine_wb_miss too slow shugo (Shugo Maeda) 08/01/2016 04:33 PM Actions
11954 Ruby master Bug Closed "self has wrong type to call super in this context" under weird circumstances shugo (Shugo Maeda) 07/01/2016 06:59 PM Actions
12530 Ruby master Bug Rejected Module Refinements shugo (Shugo Maeda) 06/29/2016 03:25 AM Actions
12044 Ruby master Bug Closed net/ftp.rb: add NullSocket#closed? to fix closing not yet opened connection ruby-core 03/29/2016 07:29 AM Actions
11809 Ruby master Bug Closed method_missing should not be refined shugo (Shugo Maeda) 12/13/2015 03:53 AM Actions
11681 Ruby master Misc Closed Refinements documentation is based on older implementation shugo (Shugo Maeda) 11/20/2015 07:37 AM Actions
11612 Ruby master Feature Closed The default mode of Net::FTP should be passive shugo (Shugo Maeda) 11/11/2015 06:09 AM Actions
11564 Ruby master Bug Third Party's Issue Segementation fault while doing rake db:migrate ruby-core 10/29/2015 05:13 PM Actions
10031 Ruby master Bug Closed Net::IMAP idle can still block a thread forever. shugo (Shugo Maeda) 10/22/2015 10:53 AM Actions
11454 CommonRuby Feature Closed FTP client misbehaves in the block passed to FTP#list when using passive mode shugo (Shugo Maeda) 09/08/2015 06:08 AM Actions
11407 Ruby master Bug Third Party's Issue Net::FTP nlst method return wrong data and don't raise Error when path is wrong shugo (Shugo Maeda) 08/07/2015 03:46 PM Actions
11385 Ruby master Bug Rejected `==` with bidirectional/cyclic dependency ruby-core 07/24/2015 04:00 PM Actions
11341 Ruby master Bug Third Party's Issue Rails server command is not working fine ruby-core 07/09/2015 11:29 PM Actions
11303 Ruby master Bug Third Party's Issue [BUG] Segmentati on fault ruby 2.2.2p95 (2015-04-13 revision 50295) [x64-mingw32] ruby-core 06/27/2015 02:04 PM Actions
11246 Ruby master Bug Rejected refine block doesn't respect "lexical" refinement information shugo (Shugo Maeda) 06/24/2015 06:02 AM Actions
11128 Ruby master Bug Closed IMAP parsing issue wih body_ext_mpart shugo (Shugo Maeda) 05/23/2015 06:43 PM Actions
11141 Ruby master Feature Rejected new syntax suggestion for abbreviate definition on block parameters in order ruby-core 05/14/2015 10:54 AM Actions
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